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War On Drugs- Solution Proposal Law Term Paper Essay (Term Paper Sample)


the ask was to give an overview of America's journey in the fight against drugs and to offer possible solutions to aid in further curtailing the American drug menace


War on Drugs
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The United States government has been fighting drugs since time immemorial. Four presidents have personally declared war on drugs yet it is still a matter of national concern. It seems like a war that has reached its dead end since hospitals, courts and prisons never cease to accommodate drug abusers. Neighborhoods are inhabitable due to the violent crimes attributed to drug trade. Many children face harsh treatment from the society due to neglect and abandonment by their addicted parents. Despite all this confusion and havoc, there are people who benefit from this war. They are the members of organized crime rings and drug dealers. A 2014 report by Global Research News ranked the United States as the single largest customer base for hard drugs globally with Columbian and Mexican cartels bagging around 18 to 39 billion US dollars annually. North America alone has over 35 million drug users who spend a lot of money in obtaining and maintaining a constant drug supply CITATION Glo14 \l 1033 (News, 2014).

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