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Disaster Response management (Term Paper Sample)

This papers show how the homeland security handle threats from terrorism and such disasters. The paper looks at the best ways to manage disaster and also how best to prepared for these occurrence. source..
Disaster Response Management Student Name: Professor Name: Institution Terrorism is a nightmare that has continued to pose a threat to the whole world. The outcry of the nations has raised a concern to devise appropriate mechanisms of countering terrorism. Although considerable achievements and victories against national security, new challenges continue to evolve posing new threats to security and intelligence organs. Terrorist attack methods have evolved over the years and terrorists have changed their operating environment and tactics of executing attacks (Yim & You, 2011). Historical, diversity and cultural aspects constitute the greatest threats and therefore, attention should be focused on the potential areas which are vulnerable to attacks. Homeland security is a responsibility that cities and towns are willing, ready and able to assume. It requires dedication to ensure long-term readiness for threat (Stewart, Ellingwood & Mueller, 2011). As a matter of Agency, proper mechanisms for coordinating efforts should be established in fighting terrorism attack. If assigned a task of preparing for terrorist attack as a disaster coordinator I would respond in ways that would be effective in reducing and curbing insecurity. Well coordinated structures and law enforcement mechanisms are essential in fighting war against terrorism (Yim & You, 2011).. Therefore, my first response would be to ensure proper mechanisms and structure of the national security is in place. The primary goal of every city is to be a safe place where residents feel safe, confident and secure. I would plan and develop an overriding plan applicable in fighting terrorism. This should be by maintaining all sorts of preparedness with all the necessary resources to enhance capabilities of a secure city. I would review and access plans already in place in line with the existing disaster plans to consider their applicability in possible event of terrorist attack. The priorities should be based on the most serious risk factors; the plan should include assessments of existing financial, equipments resources and personnel. The tactics employed by terrorists have continued to change over the years. Therefore, new approaches of fighting terrorism need to be employed (Stewart, Ellingwood & Mueller, 2011). As a disaster coordinator, I would not rely on the security mechanisms already in place in the vulnerable areas but I would come up with new approach such as; I would assign clear responsibility to a single agency that would provide clarity in a diffuse landscape of interests and capabilities to enhance accountability. Merging critical functions dealing with frontier security, emergency response and infrastructure protection into distinctive directorates’. This should ease communication and enhance effective implementation of policies. Empowering the new agency by providing it with budgetary authority and political responsibility will make the agency a major player in the homeland security. I would do this by contacting the state and local entities such as NSC and lawmakers. Forming liaison with federal and state agencies, business community, city department and the public. For effective performance, I would maintain a close contact with federal and state agencies such as FBI and state police in attempt of understanding their roles and their needs in time of emergencies. In planning homeland security I would follow the following steps in achieving a secure place and state; A). Establishing a good planning team. I would establish a group constituting representatives who have the expertise and technical knowledge among them, law enforcement team, city administration, telecommunication group, transportation group, business representatives and community representative. B). Analyzing Hazards and capabilities. This is process of gathering information about capabilities of internal and external resources, adequate plans and conducting vulnerability assessments. C). Developing the plan. This involve coming up with plan describing city’s emergency management policy, identifying and assigning authorities and their respective responsibilities, outline all possible emergency that could occur and the necessary responses which should be executed. D). Implementation of the plan. This stage involves acting and executing the viable and appropriate recommendations made during the vulnerability analysis. It also involve integrating the plan into day to day routines, coordinate with the local, county, state and federal plans, provide training ,evaluate plans and updating the plans. The potential list of terrorist targets affects the development of the city’s Emergency management plan. The security support is provided to othe...
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