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Critical Terms and their Significance (Term Paper Sample)


Select one essay question between the two below.
Instructions: For each answer, provide references from at least two different readings (each chapter of the book accounts for one reading). You will need to begin your essays with a proper introduction, including a thesis statement. Pay specific attention to identifying and defining central concepts, and provide illustrations from the lectures, tutorial, and films. The length of the essay is between 450 words and 600 words.
1. Using the concept of corporate personhood and corporate power, discuss the history of the corporate form before and since globalization. Elaborate on how civil society challenges this power and puts forward alternatives to it.
2. Discuss the differences between traditional, modern and postmodern societies in terms of family organization and the sexual division of labour. Explain how social reproduction activities are integrated into, or separated from, capitalist production.


Regulation- regulations entails all directives, as well as rules that are to be followed to govern a given group of people. The regulations are important in business as they help manage both formal and informal relations. For instance, regulations are important issues to employment, and contract formation. It is through regulations that people can know the boundaries of operation within their employment (Parker, 2012). In addition, unemployment can be controlled as well as other externalities that arise in the labour market of poor placement. The regulations make people be bounded to their decisions, and act in a way. Employee’s regulations as well as government regulations would have an effect on employee’s practices and behaviour.
Global governance – it entails aspects of coordination as well as cooperation between states, to be able to address issues that affect them. For instance issues of financial crises, health pandemics, and trade related issues would be coordinated through global governance. Thus, states would be able to address major degradation issues that affect them and the business environment. Through this transnational relations, regulations that would help deal with major issues like unemployment, gender inequality, financial crises, and climate change would be addressed (Jang, 2016). Thus, through the forum, states would be able to address these issues as they affect business and the society.
Planned obsolescence – this is a situation that allows for a planned extinction of a product. Thus the product does not become a hazard to the society and the business community. The manufacturer would have a way the product is to leave useful work life without becoming a burden to the business community (Wieser, 2016). This is a very important strategy as it helps deal with issues of environmental degradation, and adverse effects of climate change.
Internal division of Labour – according to Adam Smith (Rosenberg, 1965), it is important to divide work in processes so that the level of specialisation is improved. This helps employees to focus on a few issues within the specific process. Robinson and Shine, (2018) argues that people who want to attend to everything miss about 70% of the important operations. This makes delegation important within the business environment. It is an important labour relation issues, as well as helps firms be able to lobby for specific areas that they would need support. Besides a firm is able to keep productive business niches, and thus be able to filter their employment.
Climate justice – this is concept within it that we are able to address ethical issues that come with climate change. It is an important concept as it helps government set out domestic as well as international climate change policies. Issues of environmental degradation as well mitigation of climate change effects, like greenhouse emissions are easily addressed. Robinson and Shine, (2018) evaluated climate justice as a social, political, and legal issues that need to be encompassed in all arenas as climate change has become a critical global issues.
Part B
Discuss the differences between traditional, modern and postmodern societies in terms of family organization and the sexual division of labour. Explain how social reproduction activities are integrated into, or separated from, capitalist production.
There has been a significant change in the manner people perceive social settings especially with regards to families and gender relations. The neoclassical have had different assumptions and alignments from the new and modern society. In the traditional set up culture came before nationalisation. Thus, people were socially and economically embedded into the social structures that guided the way families were to be perceived, as well as dictated the gender roles (Duncan, 2003). This is different in the modern and postmodern societies where family is a union that one has to consent to. Gender bias and inequalities are minimised, with skills becoming the major division. Therefore, it is worth noting that there has been transitions and changes over time with difference in perceptions among the capitalists.
According to Crompton, (1999) the traditional setup was such that work would be by men, and women would be left behind to take care of the family. Men were allowed to move globally in search of work, while women were limited. In addition, family was an important union and was considered a rite of passage that one had to go through. With some societies, having planned marriages. This is contrary to the modern society where both men and women are not limit to work, although women are still tied to household responsibilities. Family is an important societal concern and is considered noble. However, in the postmodern age, family is not a crucial part of one’s life and can only be there under agreement, or contract which can be broken when parties agree. In addition, working and mobility of work for both gender is guaranteed.
Social reprod

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