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Big Data Issues and Challenges Technology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


what are the challenges of handling LARGE data


Big Data Issues and Challenges
Big Data Issues and Challenges
In the last decade there has been a large problem across the world in terms of big data since data is growing at much quicker than the speed at which computation is being done. More so, with the storage cost getting cheaper each day, people and also businesses are starting to store more and more of data. The main contributors of the large big data include the increased social activities, biological explorations and scientific experiments. Although big data is of importance to people and business organizations it poses a great challenge especially to the scientific communities. The existing tools and methods of dealing with algorithms are not able to analyze and manage big data. However, a ray of hope is ahead with the emergence of scalable machines and tools such as Hadoop and Apache spark which can be used to tackle these issues. This paper identifies the most common issues and problems which are related with big data and exposes a comprehensive comparison of the numerous methods of handling big data challenges.

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