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Networking Fundamentals Technology Term Paper Research (Term Paper Sample)


The paper was about networking fundamentals and determining the best internet connectivity method for an e-commerce business


Networking Fundamentals Assignment 1
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Network Basics Assignment 1
Networking is the process of connecting multiple devices or computers using various paths to share resources (Mitchell, 2019). The company should implement an open system to allow information sharing from the reception, offices, and the two data points that each individual requires at their workstation. The organization can choose different devices such as routers, switches, and access points to communicate between two distinct networks. Although implementation of the network project plays a crucial role in communication, protocols remain significant in the process. Protocols are a set of an algorithm that plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective communication between two entities (Rountree, 2011). The organization requires an authentic and efficient system to share its resource files and save costs and costs, therefore enhancing operational efficiency.
Role of Network Standards in Ensuring Interoperability between Products by Different Manufacturers
Interoperability is the ability of various device or information systems to connect in an effective and coordinated manner, across and within organizational boundaries to exchange and access data amongst all stakeholders (HIMMS, 2019). Associating protocols with OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and TCP/IP models play a crucial role in determining the application points for service (ComputerNetworkingNotes, 2019). Data that passes down OSI models’ stack segments data into pieces and encode them with labels and addresses. The OSI model plays a critical in formatting, encapsulating, segmenting, and encoding data for efficient transmission in a network (ComputerNetworkingNotes, 2019). Standard organizations such as IEE and IEFT have ratified the TCP/IP protocol suite. The TCP/IP model is a requirement for transmission and receiving information over the internet.

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