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A Discussion Of E-learning And Potential Barriers For E-learnin (Term Paper Sample)


the task was about discussing e-learning and potential barriers for e-learning.In the sample i explained the maening of e-learning and how it can be applied in training.

E-Learning for Training and Potential Barriers Student’s Name Institution Date E-Learning for Training and Potential Barriers Description of E-Learning E-learning refers to the application of a number of information technologies in various corporations and schools with the aim of providing education and training for students who are not physically present in class. The information in such a course is obtainable over the computer networks, and the novices as well as their instructors who are in different physical localities can quickly access the information via their personal computers. The technology has been in use for more than a decade and several individuals with busy schedules are opting for the method to augment their academic skills (SCIE, 2006). Potential Barriers of E-Learning Readiness Even though e-learning is successful in most institutions and regions, there exist a number of potential barriers to its accomplishment. Foremost is the extent of psychological readiness of an individual (Kopp, 2014 pp.156-157). Any person taking part in the e-learning process must have a ready state of mind to be able to grasp the content of the lesson. However, some people may at times tend to have mind unpreparedness, thus impeding the learning process. Another hurdle is a lack of financial readiness (Kopp, 2014 p.157). E-learning requires adequate funds to purchase a computer, connect to the internet, and acquire computer programs. Therefore, having insufficient funds will derail the process. Further, inadequate technological skills can completely blockade the course since e-learning employs full use of technology (Schreurs, Sammour, & Ehlers, n.d). Lack of sociological readiness is also a potential barrier to e-learning. The society must be ready to embrace the new method of learning for it to succeed. Some communities treat the system with suspicion purporting that it lacks credibility. In such a case, e-learning may not prosper. According to Schreurs, Sammour, and Ehlers (n.d), human resource readiness is central to the success of e-learning. At the helm of this is the learner. He or she ought to have core competencies necessary for the e-learning process. In addition, the student should be at ease with the use of technology to augment his or her skills. The apprentice should also be comfortable with the required investment in the system. Similarly, the tutors must be ready to provide a high degree of administration support. Failure of such kind of human resource readiness can result in a barrier to the e-learning process. Lack of content preparation is also a prospective barricade in e-learning. The instructor must always be ready to provide relevant content with clear objectives. However, failure of this often discourages the leaner who might end up regarding the process as incompetent and not edifying. Lastly, poor environmental readiness can also be a hindrance to e-learning. The family, employers, and colleagues of the students must support them and the process to thrive (SCIE, 2006). E-Learning Readiness and My Success at Ashford University E-learning readiness has had an immense influence on my success at Ashford University. To start with, being financial ready has enabled me acquire all the equipments and programs necessary for the process. In addition, the institution has invested heavily in technology and internet connection, thus making e-learning a success. Psychological readiness has as well influence my achievement in this school. Having a ready state of mind at most of the time has assisted me grasp most of the content and participate actively in live online classes. Further, having adequate technological skills has made me face e-learning without challenges. For instance, I can comfortably use severally computer programs and the internet. The society and the environment around the institution are also ready for the e-learning technology. Most people within and outside the institution support the system and believe in the competence and credibility of the courses offered electronically. Their support creates conducive milieu for e-learning, thus translating to my success. Human resource readiness has as well contributed to my success. Being at ease with the technology and being ready to buy the necessary materials have enhanced my accomplishment in e-learning. Further, the institution provides a high degree of administrative support which supplements e-leaning achievement. Finally, there is content readiness as the tutors provide pertinent learning materials with clear and constructive objectives. Preparing Learners for E-Learning There are several things that a trainer should do to prepare the learners for the e-learning process. First, the instructor should inform the students the amount of time they will devote per day or per week (Brandon, 2008). For instance, students can dedicate 10-15 hours every week for the e-learning. The tutor should as well inform the novices about the degree of interaction and the necessary tools needed for the course. The information can assist the students to make necessary purchases on time and avoid cases of human resource unpreparedness. Moreover,...
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