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The Interaction design and Service Design of UX (Term Paper Sample)


Students will individually produce a 2000 word report that investigates and analyses a career pathway in UX. Analyse the following given the career pathway in UX and chose at least 2 topics to be discussed in details. Students must include appendices and must use the Harvard citation system for referencing.
1. UX Interaction design
2. UX Product Designer
3. UX Visual Designer
4. UX Service Design


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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc70273379 \h 3Methodology PAGEREF _Toc70273380 \h 3Overview of UX Design Field PAGEREF _Toc70273381 \h 3Career Paths in UX Design4UX Interaction Design4UX Service Design5Traits PAGEREF _Toc70273385 \h 6Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc70273386 \h 7Reference List9Appendix10
It is believed that for a business to succeed, it must provide products and services that can solve a specific problem in society. In this regard, businesspersons believe that by solving an issue in the market, they can generate more sales that translate to huge profits. However, they fail to understand that solving a common problem in the market is not sufficient; the products and services need to have a positive emotional impact on the users. There is no sense in designing a product or service that leaves individuals who use it emotionally drained.
Businesses should provide products and services that leave the “wow effect” in users about their purchases. The responsibility of making a product or service users feel great after their purchases falls solely on user experience (UX) designers (Thinkful). UX has various career paths that people can pursue. The common career paths in UX include UX design, UX research, and UX strategy. An individual can begin as a generalist who understands all the aspects of UX disciplines and specialize in a specific field as they advance the career path. Due to the abstractness of UX, its design is concerned with habit learning, prototyping, and testing. To accomplish these tasks, a UX designer is required to solve the hidden problems. It begins with the first interaction with the consumer and stretches beyond the purchase to the continuous usage. Since UX design involves various responsibilities, it has been categorised into different career paths, which include interaction design, product design, visual design, service design, content writing, and information architecture (Thinkful). Before pursuing a specific career, it is crucial to understand its aspect to make an informed career choice. Therefore, the objective of this report is to provide insights into UX design career paths by identifying the required skills for one to excel in UX designing profession and enlighten those considering a career in UX design.
The study followed a theoretical research approach by finding relevant information in relation to careers in UX design available on different websites. The information used in this report has been collected from online resources. Some of the information used in this report includes statistics about UX design career outlook.
Overview of UX Design Field
UX design is the approach that businesses use to develop products and services that provide relevant experiences to their customers. It is all about the whole process of integrating a product that includes various aspects, such as branding, designing, usability, and functionality. Therefore, the whole process begins before the consumer purchases the product. There is more to the product than the product itself. Therefore, the field of UX design provides a wide range of potential career pathways depending on the path one desires to pursue. There is confusion regarding the different careers paths in UX because most individuals consider it as a single career. However, UX is a concept used to host numerous specialized career paths. One may choose to pursue a career in UX design that is concerned with the enhancement of user experience by considering the users’ emotions and attitudes toward a product after using it (White, 2021). Conversely, an individual may consider a career in user interface (UI) design, which is concerned with the interface. The interface is considered to be the meeting point for the product and user. Generally, it is where the product and consumer meet and interact. UI design professionals are concerned with the creation of interfaces that are easy to use and understand. However, in most cases, the two career paths, UX design and UI design, are used interchangeably because the two roles are often merged into one. Conversely, one can pursue a career in UX research, which is concerned with the identification of consumer needs. This skillset is achieved by conducting extensive research to gain deeper insights into the consumers’ mind set. Findings from the research are then presented to the design department for use in decision-making about the appearance of the products. Interaction design is another path that one can pursue in UX field. This path is concerned with how the user interacts with the product. Before choosing a career path, it is important to understand it to know the available tools.
Figure 1. UX Design Role Shifting (Sapio 2020).
The above figure demonstrates the roles one can take in the UX design field. At first one may begin as a generalists who performs all the roles but will later specialize into any of the above roles.
Career Paths in UX Design
A career path in user experience is not only satisfactory but also flexible. There are various routes that one can take in the user experience field. Some of the careers include UX interaction design and UX service design.
UX Interaction Design
The UX interaction design career entails designing the interaction between the customer and product. In most cases, an interaction design is involved in the development of software products, such as websites and applications (Siang, 2020). The objective of this career path is to create products that can help customers achieve their desires. User-product interaction involves various aspects, such as space sound and others ( Every aspect may involve a specialized field, such as sound design, which is involved in the creation of sounds that are present in user-product interactions.
In most cases, there is an overlap between UX design and UX interaction design. UX design is concerned with shaping the experiences of using a certain product, which mostly includes interaction between the customer and product. There is more to UX design than interaction design where it involves research (identifying consumers), creation of personas (reasons and circumstances under which they consider using the product), and performing various tests, such as usability, among others (Babich, 2019). An interactions design involves five dimensions as elucidated below.
* 1D: Words. This dimension holds that the words that are used in the interactions should have a meaning and be easily understood (Silver, 2007). Thus, this implies that the used words should have the ability to communicate a certain message to the user.
* 2D: Visual representations. This component is concerned with the graphical elements, such as icons and images, which consumers interact with (Silver, 2007). They should be able to complement the used words.
* 3D: Physical objects or space. This dimension is concerned with the physical objects or space where the consumers interact with the product (Siang, 2020). Is it a smartphone where the users use their fingers or a computer with a mouse and monitor? Will the user stand or sit while using the product?
* 4D: Time. This aspect involves various aspects that provide feedback to the interactions, such as sounds and motions. It is also concerned with the duration that user takes interacting with the product (Siang, 2020). UX interaction designers ask themselves various questions, such as will the consumer resume the interaction or track the progress of the interaction?
* 5D: Behaviour. This element is concerned with the manner in which the consumers perform various actions on the product.
UX Service Design

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