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The Interests of the State in Exercising its Power Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


The Interests of the State in Exercising its Power


The Interests of the State in Exercising its Power
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The state can exercise its power based on three major sections. For instance, it can do its roles or powers to itself, the people who work with the state or its citizens. Based on the type of duties that are executed, a state can choose the way to execute its power to the people. For instance, during the times of elections, the state has to exercise its power both of the three sections. This is because elections involve all the citizens of the state. Various models have explained the way the state uses its power. In essence, this essay has been cemented with three major models; the state as a partisan, guardian, and instrument.
The state as a partisan
The partisan model has seen the state as a body that values its interests and those of the people who work with the state. Though, this is not the definition of a state as per the democracy in the contemporary world. However, this does not necessarily mean that the state is more powerful and can use their powers anyhow. Gill has argued that the state acts on its behalf as opposed to the interests of other groups of people in society (Gill, n.d.). The statement has defined the state as autonomous with powers that do not always guarantee them the ability to exercise duty the way they want. Alternatively, the state on pursuing their responsibilities and powers, they can override any position in society and apply it on itself. The perception of most of the people in the current world has understood that the powers should be equal. Thus, the state should not be granted that huge power.

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