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Air Conditioning Technology Term Paper Research Coursework (Term Paper Sample)


the task of the assignmenment was to discuss the most effective air conditioning system in terms of energy efficiency


Air Conditioning
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Air Conditioning
In a world where technology is rapidly growing, scholars and experts have conducted research and experiments to identify the best air conditioner in terms of energy efficiency and other aspects such as cost. Cagle (2020) defines air conditioning as the process of cooling down space through heat extraction using a well-modified system. Taking a building as an example, the cool air can circulate using ventilations. Air conditioners can also be referred to as split-system because it is set up in a way that contains two parts, the condenser, which is also known as the outdoor system and the evaporator, which is also known as the indoor system. Both systems work together to cool and dehumidify a room or space (Cagle, 2020). According to Energy Star Most Efficient (2020), the air conditioner system is dependent on the input of work to operate. For it to be effective, it has to control or take charge of some variables, which include but are not limited to, humidity, the air temperature, and the quality. Cagle (2020) argues that without such input, the system's entropy will reduce naturally, something that is against the laws of thermodynamics. This document seeks to discuss the most effective air conditioning system in terms of energy efficiency.

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