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The Artist Vincent Van Gogh Visual & Performing Arts Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


An analytical essay on the life, works and influences of the Artist Vincent Van Gogh


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The Artist Vincent Van Gogh
The birth of Vincent Van Gogh was on 30 March 1853, which occurred in Zundert in the Netherlands (“Biography”). In his childhood, Van Gogh took regular walks in their village. This enabled him to have more appreciation of nature early in life. Even though the artist was generally happy in childhood, biographical publications indicate that he was notably a quiet child. Van Gogh went to study in a boarding school at the age of 11 but was not enthusiastic about schooling (“Van Gogh’s Life”). He did not exhibit signs of explicit artistic abilities in childhood. The artist joined high school at the age of 13 years but did not complete secondary education (“Van Gogh’s Life”). When Van Gogh turned 16, the international art dealer Goupil & Cie hired him as a clerk (“Biography”). He got this job with the assistance of his uncle who had established professional networks in the art dealership industry. Van Gogh’s first job allowed him to have more appreciation of works of art. However, at the time, he had not decided whether he wanted to become an artist.

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