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Business Environment & System (Term Paper Sample)


The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of Coca Cola\'s internal business environment.

Business Environment & System
Understanding business environment and systems is crucial in formulating and implementation of appropriate business policies critical to organizational success. Ideally, this report provides a critical description of the business environment and system of Coca Cola Company.
Company Description
Coca Cola Company is an American international corporate that deals with the manufacturing, retailing and marketing of non-alcoholic syrups and concentrates. Having been founded in 1886 by Griggs Candler, the company’s headquarters are currently located in Atlanta, Georgia (Petretti 632). Apart from the company’s namesake beverage (Coca-Cola), the company presently provides over 500 brands in more than 200 territories worldwide. The company has its own anchor bottler located in North America. It is estimated that the company’s servings exceeds 1.7 billion per day. The total number of employees as per December 2011 amounted to 146,200. In terms of finance, it is precise that the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Coca Cola’s 2012 financial report reveal a total revenue and net income of US$ 48.01billion and US$ 9.01 billion respectively.
Organizational Chart
By definition, the organizational chart refers to the diagrammatic representation of an entire set of core processes and activities in an organization (see chart). The key concept of organization chart is based on showing the existing organizational positions, how such positions are grouped and the chain of command (Daft, Jonathan and Hugh 94).
Coca Cola’s organizational chart
Organizational structure
An organizational structure refers to the hierarchical arrangement of lines of communication, authority, duties and rights of an organization. A company’s organizational structure largely determines the manner, in which organizational power, responsibilities and roles are assigned, coordinated and controlled. Moreover, it also determines the flow of information between different levels of management. In general, a company’s organizational structure may be flat or tall. However, based on company analysis, it is clear that Coca Cola exhibits a tall or...
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