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A business plan about our new legging product (Term Paper Sample)


work on management plan and location plan, these two parts. And Management plan should go 7 pages, and location plan should go 3 pages.


Mira legging comprises of three senior staff members employed on full-time basis. Further, there is several full time supportive staff. However, in peak seasons such as December, the firm hires part time supportive staffs. In addition, whenever assistance is needed, part time services are acquired through consultancy, especially in instance of legal matters. Mira Legging is arranged into three functional areas: product manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, and administration. Kaila Harrison Mira Legging CEO is in charge of administration. Further, the company intends to engage 200 workers in both our manufacturing, retail and distribution channels. Of late, the general manager also plays the role of financial officer. However, with projected growth and expansion, the firm hopes to employee more senior personnel in different stores. Harrision is a holder of PHD in economic from California State University and minor in accounting from Walbridge School of Accounting. Prior to this idea, he was working with government of India, under ministry of finance and has a finance constancy firm in the country. Brooke Nianick is the vice president of Mira seven day Legging. He is 32 years old a holder of MBA at Syracuse University and has competency working experience of several years on Canadian stock and commodities market as a prominent broker. Later on, he took over as an international sales and marketing representative for a huge brewery supply firm in Italy. He is in charge of product sales and marketing. Celina Walker 29 year old, she worked with IEEE USA after clearing her engineering degree. She is entailed to supervision. This is in different areas including distribution and manufacturing. On top of this, she involves in human resources regulation.
The culture of the company is based on the following attributes:-
The firm is gender and culture sensitive. The workers engaged meet gender equality rule. Further, Mira legging mission, goals, and tasks is to transforms to revive different culture. In real sense, the firm is determined to strengthening the organization culture through focusing on the commitment that drove everyone in the firm together. In essence, a mission-oriented firm focuses on healthy culture. Mira legging is dedicated to investing on human resource as well as it mission as a way of reaching a shared vision. This is enhanced through effective bottom up communication that connects every concerned individual. This incorporates the needs and values of our customers.
Valuing and diversity
People and value are our number one assets in the company. We highly regard the fact that people power every invention and success. However, this is not only for the ordinary, but people whose personal values forces them to make difference in the fashion industry. We believe the shared value contributes to great innovation driven by people taste and preference.
Diversity is a key pillar of culture across Mira legging firm. It is crucial to our staff passion as a way of transforming the world of fashion and enhancing natural beauty of a woman. Further, our commitment to value and diversity inspired by fashionable wears and illustrated by our firm activities and designs. Further, we recognize the natural factors such as age, race, and sex that bring wealth to our work environments. This forms the backbone of our design, which is in line with taste and preference of women Caucasian female between the ages of 18-23.
Mira management believes in drawing, developing, and preserving a set of employees that reflects the face of cultural diversity of our target customers. This is a crucial factor to our success. We also consider a strong connection with our suppliers, civic groups and other related groups as success factor.
We are driven by honesty, guided by the slogan ‘do unto other what you would like them to do unto you’. Further, we highly regard our staff through awarding them the best for the services. This contributes to honest. Moreover, we offer fixed prices for our products and are tagged for transparency. In addition, payment is processed through computerized system thus zero rating chances of dishonest.
Participative management style
Despite the ranking in the firm, Mira legging largely engages in corporate management style. Under this provision, workers have an open channel of airing their grievance, which is communicated through their supervisors. Moreover, we have put in place a suggestion box where worker can place their issues. Further, on monthly basis we hold two meetings where we wine together as a team, with an intention of analyzing issues raised through suggestion box, social media, and any that may arise during the meeting. Here, everyone is accorded equal right to give an input, thus enhancing togetherness.
To begin with, we regard every worker and customer as equal important. Further, our policies are favorable thus eliminating the need for micromanagement. This is achieved through providing an inclusive working environment, room for creative, production, successful, and happiness at work place. We do recognize that human is to error, thus, this does not form the bases of exclusion from duty. As much as we need natural born leaders, we are not afraid to make any potential worker shine. We accord them an opportunity to exercise their passion.
The firm management comprise of young generation who better understands different workers needs. Through democratic leadership style, everybody voice is worth a listening ear, irrespective of their position, age, or race. Moreover, open communication will be enhanced through bottom up communication. Here, workers representative got a chance to air their concerns to top management at the time of need.
Effective communication
Mira legging values a two-way communication. As the management team, we listen, speak, ask question and provide feedback. Further, in our communication we incorporate language diversity, thus we make the message precise and clear to all. Most importantly, we give monthly written report to employees, which is in non-verbal scenario. This is a way keeping them updated with the ongoing thus, helping them plan as well as feel part of the firm.
Technology and communication
The contemporary world comes with technological era. Further, different social media platform are within our reach. Mira legging is in the forefront in the use of technology to enhance effective communication within the shortest time possible. Without taking any assumptions of possession of internet-enabled phones, we have computers in place with internet capability where we connect to our staff. Through this, our staffs are also able to keep our client up date in real time through our facebook fan page and tweeter handle. The use of these platforms helps us save time and minimizing productivity losses that may result from destruction. In some instance, we use email to pass a message instead of holding meeting. Further, we have in place a website where display our products together with their price.
Mira legging highly appreciate hard working employees. Hence, individual efforts do not go unnoticed. Every salesperson with the highest sales per month is entitled to a cash benefit, which is calculated from a given range. Further, their names are placed on a billboard besides their achievements. Moreover, the management team works close with worker as a way of building strong relationship. In addition,’ a lot of work with no play make jack a dull boy’, guided by this saying, we hold social events incorporating all workers.
CEO/ President
Job analysis
Company overseer
Fund management
Job description
Job title: Chief executive officer of Mira legging firm
Working hours: 8-10 hours per day
Duties and responsibilities
Ensure day-to-day business operation by making sure all required resources are put in place.
Ensure proper allocation of funds to relevant channels.
Formulate working policies
Salary and incentive
House allowance of $1000
Monthly salary of $3,000
Vice president
Job analysis
Designing marketing strategy
Ensure effective use of marketing strategy
Sales management
Job description
Job title: Vice president of Mira legging firm
Working hour: 8-10 hours
Duties and responsibility
Designing and integrating effective marketing strategy
Effective distribution of funds and forensic auditing
Salary and incentive
House allowance of $800
Monthly salary of $ 2,800
Support staff
Job description
Sales and marketing
Organizational chart

Mira Leggings intends to use the services of a Human Resource Recruitment firm to cater for the hiring of employees. This is because both the founders, Kaela and Brooke, do not have sufficient experience on that area. However, Mira through its founders will be highly involved in the recruitment process. Consequently, the company’s management will work hand on hand with the recruitment firm in seeking the right team of management. The whole idea is to hire an experienced and a competitive management team within the budget scope of $120,000 loan and $75,000 credit pipeline budget after deducting funds for inventory, start up costs and other expenses.
It is paramount to note that Mira Leggings will not require a huge labor force. This is because most of its products will be distributed in famous stores across the United States. However, a team of experienced management...
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