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The Game Changer, Issue Incident Of Emmie Hiltz (Term Paper Sample)


the task was about the a brAND AMBAssador whose aim was to bring change in the management of the company.

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The Game Changer
It is evident that the issue overnight incident of Emmie Hiltz the brand ambassador for the company’s’ skin care product has brought a lot of panic for the management of the institution. However, tough times call for tough measures. Therefore, a clear and actionable point of view will start with the follow-up of the unfolding events after the debacle. Basically, the company lawyers together with a group of experts will have to be alert and follow all the events taking place with regards to the prosecution of the pop star.
A panic mode will not help in solving issues raised by the consumers, key-brand, client, and agency. However, it is in the best interest to come up with plans that will ensure that the company is protected. The first step will be a public statement by the CEO explaining how the overnight incident has nothing to do with skin care product advertisements. Furthermore, he will make it clear that Emmie Hiltz has to solve her problems as an individual. The consumers will be assured of the safety of the skin care products through a public program of several consumers who have used the products before and their take.
The other option will require the company start legal processes through its lawyers for the termination of the $15 million contract signed between Emmie and the institution. The need for the firm lawyers to start immediately will give the clients a picture of commitment to integrity. Consequently, an immediate call to the media house will be made to pull down all advertisements done by Emmie and the company will make an official statement about the issue.
This process will prove expensive but the company can also choose to go silent on the overnight incident and watch as people get more interested in watching Emmie in the media. This will increase the number of consumers as more people will be glued to their television watching the unfolding of events. The more the number of subscribers to Emmie's "bag of pills assorted paraphernalia" the more chances of new consumers for the product. Negative media publicity for Emmie can act as a positive impact on the skin care product under her advertisement.
A game plan can also be formulated by introducing a new skin care product with another brand ambassador and see the comparison of sales with that relat...
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