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The Effects of Bilingual Special Education (Term Paper Sample)


The paper was about The effects of Bilingual Special Education. A special education program that incorporates both a student's native language as well as English is referred to as bilingual special education by some scholars. In such a program, the "student's home culture" is also considered and framed in an inclusive setting. Education for "English language learners" with the disabilities falls under the umbrella of special education.


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The effects of Bilingual Special Education
A special education program that incorporates both a student's native language as well as English is referred to as bilingual special education by some scholars. In such a program, the "student's home culture" is also taken into consideration and framed in an inclusive setting. Education for "English language learners" with the disabilities falls under the umbrella of special education. Figueroa, January 1999, argues that a combination of bilingual and special education is an exciting illustration of what should not happen in the educational reform. Bilingual as well as special education in “United States” has an inconsistent interface, which provides the basis for a unique form of a significant dialogue between the Latin America, and United States as well as Mexico on the children who did not thrive in the “general education programs” and ended up in the “special education” or the “remedial classrooms” (Figueroa 324-327). The goal of bilingual education is to include many languages into the teaching process, regardless of the method used. As an example, many elementary and high school children in the "United States" may benefit from studying the both English as well as Spanish because of the country's significant Latino population.
When children start preschool or primary school, bilingual education has the most significant impact. In elementary school, if a child's first language is Spanish, they may have a hard time comprehending their instructors and peers. In a bilingual classroom, young pupils may better prepare themselves for the remainder of their schooling by establishing a strong foundation in both Spanish and English (Chin). Students who come to school with a primary language other than English may use this strategy. In primary school, children whose parents have relocated to the United States from a different country may be unable to speak fluent English. Those who teach in dual-language classrooms do so to give their pupils the best possible start in both their first and second languages. This includes math, history, science, as well as other disciplines. More than 4.4 million US public school pupils are enrolled in the "English language learner" programs due to difficulties in studying in regular classes due to language hurdles. There will undoubtedly be disagreements if native language training is to be employed. Recent studies utilizing credible research methods for determining causal influences reveal that the impact on the standardized test performance of bilingual education programs (which include some native language teaching) (Cummins 118-119) and English-only programs is not statistically different.
Potential effects of bilingual education on student outcomes
Teaching other topics in the primary language to students who are still learning English may be preferable. Students with poor English proficiency will not fall (as far) behind in other topics while they are catching up in English since the course material is more approachable when taught in the local language. Students who get an education in the native language at school may also increase their proficiency in that language. Additionally, parents of kids with poor English proficiency, who are often not fluent in the language, may be better able to evaluate their children's school progress, assist them with academics, and interact with instructors when the school is bilingual. Instruction in one's mother tongue may help one's ability to pick up foreign languages more quickly (Chin). For example, reading skills honed for native language reading may be transferable to

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