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The Age of Reason (Term Paper Sample)


Task: About the age of reason Sample is about the Characteristics of the intellectual period known as The Age of Reason Sources:Zero

The Age of Reason
The Age of Reason was an intellectual movement in the 18th century Europe that idealized reason and individualism over tradition. The thinkers of the time felt that the social and political challenges facing society could be addressed through reason, translating into a break from the past in which faith and traditions were essential. Europe went through the period and acknowledged the importance of science, reason, and respect for humanity, which constitute the main characteristics of the Age of Reason. During this time, people were certain that human beings could make discoveries, gain knowledge, and influence laws. Reason was viewed as central in improving societal conditions and establishing a better world. Besides the supremacy of reason, thinkers of the time argued for equality before the law, individual say in governance, and an end to fixed hierarchy arising from social ranks.
In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley responds to the attitudes of the Age of Reason through a Romantic perspective, depicting science as contrasting from humanism. She presents the heightened scientific quest for knowledge in the Age of Reason as dangerous. For example, Victor’s thirst for knowledge beyond human limits leads to the creation of a dangerous monster from dangerous knowledge. Through depicting Walton as realizing the dangers of extreme explo...
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