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Finding meaning in what one does (Term Paper Sample)


The task was to appreciate what we do and find meaning in our daily task.

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Finding meaning in what one does.
There is a misconception that scientist is the realm of the elite few, surprisingly in the older histories science was practiced as a hobby, by noted great scientist like Alfred Rusel Wallace who derived the theory of natural selection (323) and Beatrix Potter who made a scientific discovery on Lichens despite him being a sociologist (Wilson, 323). It is amazing therefore to know that one doesn’t require years of training to become a scientist and further science can be explained in simpler terms rather than the hard jargon that naturally is the believe. It all lies in the idea, of an individual and finding meaning in the idea, that transform one to being a scientist.
Most of us tend to believe that we are destined to a particular path in life, but in Wilson book, it is the desire to find meaning in what one does that shapes our destiny (Wilson, 325). Taking the authors test of personal discovery in the feeding habits of the zooplanktons and the ant lions, relate feeding habits of the animals to the asymmetrical relationship of the prey and the predator which has been an existence evolutionary theory. It is surprising to note in the theory that large and small animals can eat small food items but only large animals can eat large food items, an idea which evolutionist had been struggling to explain in regard to how animals coexist (339). This discovery doesn’t require intellectual studies, it is the passion in what one does that give meaning to a person’s life. This disc...
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