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The Debate over Immigration in the United States Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Explain how Emma Lazarus and Arthur Schlesinger, on one side, and Owen Wister and Madison Grant, on the other, represent the two sides in the main DEBATE OVER IMMIGRATION in the United States. Your paper's conclusion might present which side you are on and WHY.


The Debate over Immigration in the United States
The American people have held different opinions on matters of immigration over the years. The elite political class and the common American citizen differ on whether to accept immigrants into the country wholeheartedly or close their doors for the immigrants. The debates held over the years have been stiff and continuous, with sections supporting immigration locking horns against the factions opposed to the process altogether. Immigration is good for humanity and gives solace to the hopeless migrants seeking a fresh start from a past that is tormenting. Presently, the burden of sustaining the immigrants both economically and socially weigh heavily on the American citizens, and many people who have always supported the process are beginning to hold back the enthusiasm. The state of immigration has sparked the debate on the best way to handle the immigration procedure so that there is respect for human dignity, as is stipulated by the doctrines of America, and at the same time, the American dream of becoming great is protected and natured.
Emma Lazarus penned the great poem titled the New Colossus to adorn the statue of liberty erected in America in honoring the country for posterity as a great nation of immigrants (Hing, 2000). The theme title of the poem implores the American citizens to let the poor, the oppressed, and the needy have access to the bountiful peace in the lands of America. Peace and bounty are the assurances of the poem to all the distressed. The welcoming nature of the states was crafted by the founding fathers of the United States of America who liberty for all. The American Revolution, however, changed the perception of the political leaders, and they began putting restrictions on political immigrants. Schlesinger stood firm and opposed the idea of feeding the population with hatred of each other from childhood. Teaching that immigration is bad in a country dominated by immigrants is short shirted and dangerous for unity and respect.

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