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Answers To Management Questions: Individuals With Common Objectives (Term Paper Sample)


The task was about answering management questions.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name Date Management QUESTION 1 A team comprises individuals who come together to accomplish a common objective. In this context, a team shall comprise of the four personnel who have specialized in different segments of the equity market and the head of staff. The steps to take before determining whether to form a team or act individually include establishing if the team’s interaction will abridge the problem or it will create more quandaries. The second stage is to verify if the interaction of team members will boost their motivation. Further, it is appropriate to determine whether the disagreements will lead to better solutions or the group may lead to dysfunctional conflicts. The final step is to verify if time is of a crucial factor since group members may take long to agree (Whetten and Cameron 466). Based on the prevailing relationship among the proposed team members, the best option is to execute the work as an individual. The reason is that the disagreement between these four members may not lead to better solutions since they infrequently concur about the best way to attain investment philosophy and policy. In addition, their disagreement may lead to dysfunctional conflict. Finally, time is a crucial factor in this process and their disagreement may delay the report. QUESTION 3 Positive change involves the process by which a business augments its efficiency in regard to client’s satisfaction and business revenue (Holmes 1). Positive change must lead to customer retention, attraction of new clients, and increased value of products as well as services for the present purchasers. The two frameworks in use at the pizza restaurant are quite effective in supporting positive change in the eatery. Foremost, measuring the elapsed time to make the pizza helps to ensure that the restaurant achieves maximum output while at the same time retaining the value of the pizza. Moreover, the approach ensures that a minimum time is spent to produce quality goods, thus promoting efficiency. Secondly, gauging customers’ satisfaction with time elapsed promotes positive change as it leads to the retention of old clients as well as attraction of novel buyers (Holmes 1). Therefore, the measures support positive change in the bistro. QUESTION 5 There are a lot of challenges that a middle manager faces in his or her job. First, middle managers have a lot of duties to execute but with little authority (Korn 1). The reason is that they have not fully acquired the managerial position to execute some duties like dismissing and hiring employees. Middle-level managers also lack job security in their duties. They are routinely sent home whenever the company downsizes. Further, the middle managers lack the opportunity to advance. They often remain in the same job position while the company hires people from outside to fill executive posts. The move is quite demoralizing, especially to workers in their late 30s and 40s who need promotions. An example of the problem facing a middle-level manager is the ability to satisfy both the two parties of which he or she links (Rajagopal 1). Sometimes being too close to the senior managers can result in disgruntlement among the junior workers while being too friendly with the subordinate staff may not please the bosses. To overcome this, one has to remain neutral at all times and ensure that he or she does not cross the boundary of his or her responsibilities. QUESTION 7 The best type of a boss is the one excels and inspires (Sighamony 1). Managers of this caliber handle both the employees and the administrative duties efficiently. They always have positive vibes concerning themselves and frequently assure the organization that it is possible to have positive results even in the midst of predicaments. In addition, these bosses are not predominantly harsh on the staff, but they are strict. They also have the guile to influence others to deliver their best. Moreover, an influential supervisor is highly specialized and anticipates workers to behave professionally. The steps to achieve these goals include Appreciating and respecting the workforce. It is common that earning respect only comes from regarding. Therefore, as a boss, it is necessary to esteem the workers, what they do, and their opinions. Trusting and supporting the staff. It involves encouraging the employees, being approachable, and trusting their job to boost their confidence. Giving help and accepting help whenever necessary. The approach ensures that the boss incorporates all constructive ideas from the staff in the building of the company. QUESTION 8 There are several ways of becoming a high potential promotable employee. They include: Seeking out novel skills. Acquiring new skills in different fields will prompt the employer to promote a worker since he or she will believes that retaining a multi-skilled employee in the same position is a waste of proficiency. For instance, a secretary with managerial skills will get a promotion. Demonstrating strong job ethics. It encompasses understanding one’s job and people’s expectations from him or her, and working to deliver those expectations on time and accurately. Speaking out. It is important for one to constantly tell the boss about his or her ambitions for the company. In most cases, the aspirations will motivate the manager who will in turn give a promotion. Showing initiatives. One should come up with new projects and support other projects as a sign of commitment to the firm. Such efforts lead to promotion. Behaving profess...
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