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Analysis on Impact of Negative Stereotypes among Women (Term Paper Sample)



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Analysis on Impact of Negative Stereotypes among Women
In a male dominated world, women have had to fight for their space since time in memorial. Women rights have been fought through thick and thin to ensure that gender equity is achieved. The male-dominated ideologies were propagated by male chauvinists in the early 1500's. The present society is faced with a myriad of challenges to balance between significant human rights and the minority rights. The female gender has long been perceived as weak and evidenced in the linguistic choice of words where he has been used to mean the male and female gender while she solely refers to the female. There is a notable shift in the stereotypic view of women since the advent of the internet and the rise of social media advertisements. Children are exposed to adult rated content at an early age because of the constant presence of the internet. Studies have shown that people active on the internet are highly likely to get exposed to pornographic content either through advertisements or adult websites. It is clear that the trend is fast moving to the younger generation because of available gadgets and uncontrolled access to information.
Various organizations and platforms highlight the plight of women faced over the past years and one affecting the current generation of children and young women. Negative stereotypic behavior against women propagated by the society is well highlighted in Stephanie Hanes, “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” article and Deborah Tannen’s “There is No Unmarked Woman”. Stephanie Hanes article talks the current society where children and young girls have been turned into little women with the content they consume in the television screens and the internet. She bases on the experiences of Mary Finucane and her daughter Caoimhe when she started behaving in a queer manner to her normal interactions (Lansford,, 518). Normally, a five year old child explores everything that comes to ther interaction without taking a strong standing on a specific ideology. The daughter had encountered the Disney Princesses who were omnipresent and depicted the fairy tales heroines. Caoimhe changed her clothing style and stuck to dresses to behave as the princess. She constantly sat quietly saying that she waited for her prince. The TV series had affected Mary's daughter psychologically and sort help from another mother who shared a similar story on their children. Caoimhe’s identity has changed based on her interactions with the media (Lansford, 512). It influenced her to align her align her thinking as the Disney princesses in the real world and because of her young age, she could not differentiate between fiction and reality. The young children have been affected by their change in consumer behavior in line with current trends in technology. The uncontrolled access to content by children especially girls shifts their psychological mindset to a virtual reality world. It is apparent that early exposure to mature content without guidance on the dos and don'ts on children had a tremendous impact on the younger generation. The effect on the current generation of girls is a long term effect to the entire breed of women to come.
Women in a male dominated world have no value and are regarded as second class citizens in some societies. There is No Unmarked Woman article tells of the writer's encounter with the society that does not value women and no space is left for them. She terms unmarked as things or happenings that can attribute to people without question, such as the general grooming of men where they tend to share the same characteristics. The marked term defines a behavior that looks queer among people and is not associated with the general view of a person or character (Tannen, 408). An example is how women are perceived in the society especially on the dressing. The article analyzes three women in a conference room who have groomed differently. From the sociolinguistic perspective, the author seeks to know the dominance of he word and not she word and finds out that the word was introduced by English grammarians in the 1500's (Tannen, 414). The revelation illustrates the long journey that the struggle for women has been and continued efforts to achieve its goals. In the biological perspective, Ralph Fasold in his book The Sociolinguistics of Language argues that female gender is dominant as it is the foundation of life, he backs his evidence by saying that some few species only give birth to females and not vice versa. He justifies the reason men have breasts is that they were from a female body. The author documents the past experiences of female condemnation that continues in the current century. It connects with the major objective towards attaining gender balanced world and wins the long struggle of women rights. The importance of connecting the past with the present in regards to women rights is to draw constant motivation and appreciate the long journey that the women have been through. It assists us in celebrating the milestones achieved in regards to gender equality.
The arguments read from the same scripts of gender inequality and an opportunity for exploitation of young girls and children using media avenues and advertisements. They have employed different structures of argumentation to convince the reader and voice out their concerns to the society.” Little Girls or Little Women The Disney Princess Effec...
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