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CRITICAL Paper on Palestinian Refugees fleeing from Syria Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)



- 1000 words double spaced, 12 point font

- MUST identify MAIN ARGUMENT, MAIN CONCEPTS, POSITIONS OF AUTHORS (e.g., what approaches they use to advance their argument, for instance, using a case study), and how they all relate to the theme of this week’s lecture, which is: REFUGEES, DISPLACEMENT, AND STATELESSNESS IN THE MIDDLE EAST

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY. This is exactly what the Professor requires


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Refugee Crisis
The concern to humanitarianism modeled by the displeased question of refugees and asylum seekers rests at the core of political debates in the modern world. The fanning flames of xenophobia, coupled with a racial bias to bend devotion from political subjects, is presently a shared strategy by governments. In 2012, the Council of Europe approved a resolution relating to the welcoming of evacuees as a phenomenon that has continued to erode host society's cultural fabric. Today, asylum seekers and refugees represent emotive concepts in many countries, especially those experiencing civil wars. As a highly charged political issue, various political, academic, and media stakeholders have weighted their refugees' perceptions. Of note, refugees and asylum seekers tend to move to industrialized nations or neighboring countries free from political wars in a bid to ensure their safety. However, significant concern has been the economic, social, cultural, and political issues resulting from the mass movement of people from one nation to another. The entire gamut of fears coupled with insecurities, counting threats of employment loss, erosion of cultural identity, threats to nation-state sovereignty, and potential danger to immigration control has been the overriding sources of concern for governments and host communities. In line with this political concern, this paper analyzes an article published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that advocated for accepting refugees, especially their children

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