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Impact Of The New Technology: Benefits Of Improved Technology (Term Paper Sample)


A TERM PAPER ON THE Impact of the New Technology

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Impact of the New Technology Through globalization, technology has advanced immensely. Most organizations and manufacturing firms have adopted the use of technology in their operations, to increase productivity and maximize outputs. The increase in demand for the utilization of new technologies has been instrumental in the advancement of the technology, as companies compete to use the most appropriate means of production as a way of gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors. Additionally, states and various departments have incorporated technology into their operations to improve service delivery. The world has seen an increased use of technology, from the gadgets individuals use to the dissemination of services, a situation that has raised concerns about the effect of this overdependence of technology. Technology, in as much as it aids in easing service production and delivery, it is likely to enslave the human race and cause other adverse effects. Benefits of improved technology Technology brings about numerous advantages to the human race. Organizations that employ new and advanced technology experience significant benefits from their services. For instance, an assembling firm can meet its objective smoothly if it employs new technological techniques to assemble the products. The new technology, in such a situation, is the use of robots and other automated machines, to carry out the work previously carried out by the humans. As the machines do not tire, the company is sure of achieving its objective in a short period. Consequently, the organization reduces its expenditure as the machines replays the human labor, which reduces the company’s wage rate. The medical field is one that has fully embraced the new technology. Most health care institutions, today, have adopted several forms of health information technology, especially in the data exchange, thus improving administering interventions. Some of these technologies are the electronic health records systems, which seek to facilitate the interactions between physicians, minimize errors during patient analysis, and improve relationships between the patient and the health care provider. Additionally, the health industry uses the new technology to determine new means of issuing treatments as well as developing new treatments through conducting experiments. This has seen many advancements in the medical world such as the concept of artificial insemination. Various states also use technology to increase and enhance protection within their boundaries. For instance, nations have utilized the technology of drone, where they use these tools to improve surveillance in the country. The drone technology is one where it records the activities happening in a place over a period. Individuals, in a different location, decode it and designing the appropriate ways of interacting and responding to the information. Although it is meant to improve security, there those individuals who feel the system is an invasion of their privacy. Consequently, security teams have developed the use of codes to disseminate sensitive information. Codes are created and decoded through specialized software and contribute to increased security in the involved parties. Regarding promotion of integration and cohesion in the society, technology is a notable contributor. Various companies have developed gadgets such as wireless mobile phones and computers, where individuals can interact quickly, using them. Additionally, systems such as cloud computing and applications installed in these devices have aided in the enhancement of interactions among individuals. However, the increase in the use of technology for interaction purposes has been misused, where others use the technology for malicious purposes such as scamming reasons. Regardless of the most benefits associated with new and improved technology, there is some notable downside to it, especially, which affect the human race. Adverse effects of technology on the human race Over the recent years, the human race has dramatically embraced technology in their daily activities. Most cite increased efficiency as a significant reason as the rationale behind this trend. However, most fail to identify the effect that the use of this technology has on them. Overdependence on technology has enslaved the human race and brought several adverse effects. Some authors have used dystopian poems, short stories, and novels to advance the slavery and destruction that new technology brings to the human race. Bradbury, in the short story “There will come soft rains,” uses an automated house to articulate his concern on how technology destroys the human race. In the past, the house, as it is automated, used to request a password (Ziser 29). It wrong, it would utilize the security system in it thus preventing its destruction. However, at one time, the occupants of the house are nowhere to be seen, leaving the dog alone, which later collapses and dies. In articulating its normal program, the house’s computer starts playing the poem “There will come soft rains.” The poem is a symbol of the destruction that would face humanity and destroy all aspects relating to man’s civilization. The poem also depicts the irony of the situation. According to Bradley, the house is an automated one, developed by its occupants. Both the story and the poem enhance the irony of the events, as the course of nature exceeds the intelligence of man. The automation of the house focuses on the technological advancements fostered by the human race (Ziser 29). They can program the building to partake every role that they would, otherwise, fulfill. It explores the overreliance of the humans on technology to articulate their tasks. However, the house, regardless of its advanced system, fails to thrive over nature. It fails to function and crumbles, unable to save itself. Fahrenheit 451 is another of Bradbury’s story that focuses on the concept of technology and how it has affected humans. The short story is based on the era where technological advancement is at its peak, with the existence of features such as computers, televisions, and space race. They characters utilize various technological systems to perform their daily activities. For instance, Montag has a system that identifies his presence in his home, similar to the today’s system of the fingerprint. The characters also fancy fast cars, which symbolize humans’ desire of acquiring information quickly. The homes also have wall-size televisions, similar to those found in the contemporary world. Bradbury uses the story to symbolize the way technology contributes slavery among the human race. The television and commercials are a way of controlling individuals in the world. People rely on the information they see on the television, rather than employing their thinking to develop rationale of situations. The mechanical dog is a symbol that displays the control of the government on its citizens. It is a way of deterring the society from participating in illegal activities. The role taken up by the dog to facilitate proper behavior in the society shows the overreliance of the people on excellent means of operations to fulfill their desires. The story also focuses on the addiction of people to technology and the effects of the addiction. For instance, the government uses various means to control people. It focuses on the technology that people are addicted to control their behavior. Bradbury views the addiction to technology as a drug that is inherent in individuals and that they have a hard time letting go. In his analysis, Thakur sees techn...
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