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Youtube influence in the community Technology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Topic: Youtube’s Influence: How has Youtube transformed entertainment, education, and/or technology? Why is it so compelling, and how is it shaping millennials? NOTE: You do not have to focus solely on these questions about your topic when writing your thesis statement or paper. These questions will help you think critically about your topic, but you are not required to answer them in your paper. Instead, you can build your own argument about your topic, as long as you use the source material from your three sources to prove your claims. Source 1: (will also attach) 1lZTlBoF9WUXstX8Y6TgMHn2QWr5VV0Et/view Source 2:
FOR WRITING MAP (please complete)
● Your Title: Craft a title here that is specific and gives the reader a clue about your argument. Do not simply use the topic name (example: Vaping) or the assignment title (College Research Paper) ● Your First Paragraph: The first paragraph of your paper should introduce your reading “audience” to your topic and include your thesis statement. Your first few sentences should lead logically to your thesis statement. ● Your Body Paragraphs: Your topic sentences should function as mini thesis statements because they are mini claims that are connected to your thesis statement that must be proven with evidence in that paragraph. Make sure your body paragraphs present the reader with your evidence and serve to build your persuasive argument. Your evidence should come from three sources: the two sources we gave you with your topic (available on the "Research Paper Topics" list linked at the bottom of the Course Menu) and the one additional source you found using the UA Library in Module 9. ● Cite Your Sources: You must cite all three sources in your paper and give parenthetical in-text citations when you quote, paraphrase, or refer to material from the sources identified for your research paper. Watch your instructor's video on How to Create Parenthetical Citations and then follow the guidelines below. ● Each in-text citation tells your reader specifically where a particular quote or paraphrased idea came from, giving credit to the author, and maintaining academic integrity. As you write your paper, incorporate your sources. As you paraphrase and/or quote each source, provide a parenthetical in-text citation. Follow the guidelines below to help with citing your sources. ● Review the Purdue OWL information on parenthetical in-text citations. ● Quote: When you quote directly, giving the author’s statement word-for-word, you put the quote between quotation marks, and you follow it by a parenthetical in-text citation in author-page format. For instance, a “quote” from page 23 of an article by Vivenne Margolick would be cited as (Margolick 23).


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YouTube Influence in the Society
YouTube makes videos available across the internet, and is mostly without any charge but one is needed to register and join and consume the content. Registered users called YouTubers create and upload videos on this platform (Klobas et al. 131). The users include; musicians, institutional content providers, gamers, traditional and digital media corporations who make money out of video clips they upload to their owned YouTube channels. This stage’s social features that are based around the requirements, users are enabled to view videos in a manner that delivers a brand new video automatically at the end of the currently showing video or by clicking or tabbing on one of the conspicuously displayed links to associated video clips. Social relationships can be formed around the video content, with viewing patterns and consumer choices propelling social connections (Khan 237). YouTube platform makes use of algorithm to determine related videos which is measured in terms of views, votes and other consumer-related data. YouTube application has become third most popular for mobile gadgets. This app is the second most regularly visited internet platforms in the world (Klobas et al. 130).

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