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Protection Issues in Microgrid Engineering Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Analysis of issues that affect MICRO-GRID systems


Protection Issues in Microgrid
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Abstract: The distributed generation presents a futuristic form of power generation and consumption system which employs different technologies to generate electric power close to the point of consumption. The distributed generation is characterized by high efficiency, low emission of greenhouse fumes, high reliability, and high quality of power. However, the effectiveness of the distributed generation is limited by several protection issues that arise from the disturbances induced by the incorporation of the distributed generation in the main grid. The main system protection issues associated with the distributed generation include the blinding of protection, false tripping, and unsynchronized reclosing.
Protection Issues in DG Grid and Microgrid Connections
The implementation of the bidirectional flow of electric current in DG systems is faced with numerous challenges related to issues such as system protection, frequency control, energy management, power flow control, security, adequacy, power quality, and voltage profile [1, 2, 3]. The microgrid facilitates the transmission and distribution of power from the DG sources to the point of consumption. The implementation of the microgrids protection systems is limited by two major factors which include the dynamic nature of the networks and the ability to operate in islanded mode and grid-connected mode with different short-circuit currents[4]. The implementation of the bidirectional microgrid is limited by several challenges related to system protection such as the complexities associated with the adaptation of the grid to variations of the network topology induced by the connection or disconnection of active sources [5].

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