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Animal diseases Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Objective paper designed for students given by a teacher on the topic animal diseases


Animal diseases objective paper.
Questions Option aOption b Option cOption dRight optionImage
Spleenic fever is the name of disease :AnthraxMastitisBlack leg disease Enterotoxemiaa
Cl. Perfringens is the causative agent of :Mastitis Anthrax EnterotoxemiaBlack leg disease c
Which one of the disease is viral? AnthraxFMDWoolshorter disease Mastitis b
Which disease is very dangerous for dairy industry in Pakistan? Mastitis FMDBlack leg disease None of thesea
Black leg disease is also called :Speelic feverWoolshorter diseaseChlostridial myonecrosisGolle/sutc
How many types of mastitis disease? 4568a
Aseptic mastitis is also called :Clinical mastitis Sub-clinical mastitis Acute mastitis Non-specific mastitis d
Doctor order carried out as patient requirement is:Stat orderStanding order PRN order Single order c
Which one is not in 7 rights of drug administration? Right doseRight siteRight timeRight approach b
Lotions, liniments,pastes and powders are drug of which route? Topical routeOral routeBuccal routeSublingual route a
An increased body temperature caused by environmental conditions is known asHyperthermiaHeatstroke HypothermiaBoth a and bD
The process of using one's hand to examine the body for disease or illness is. Percussion PalpationPhysical examminationAll of theseB
Which of the following is bacterial disease Foot and mouth disease AnthrexBlack leg disease Both b and cD
Hemorrhagic septicemia is caused byPasteurella multocidaBacillus anthracisMycoplasmaChlostridal myonecrosisA
PPR stands forpest ruminentpelits ruminentpeste des pelits ruminentpeste pelit ruminentc
PPR also known as goat plaguecow plaguechicken plagueall of thesea
PPR is caused by bacterianematodesinsectsmorbillivisusd
PPR effects the humangoatssheepscowsb
PPR first reported in china Pakistan indiaAmericaa
Peste des petis is also known asGoat virusGoat feverGoat plagueNonec
Anthrax is caused by bacteriumG-veG+veG neutralnone

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