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Business Case Highlight Of Activities Of Social Media (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Writing A PROPOSAL FOR AN CASE for a telecom company and their social media ACTIVITIES.


Proposal for a business case
Student’s Name:
Living in a highly competitive, fast growing and digital economic world, the use of social media in most organizations has increased significantly. Most companies view social media as a positive influence to their businesses. Notably, over the years from research conducted in companies that use social media, they reported that social media influences the revenues and sales of these given companies in a positive way. Therefore since every company’s ultimate goal is to make profit which comes from the revenues and sales, then a company would even look forward to using social media which influences this. Use of social media has been seen to bring positive results in all industries including the telecommunication industry. This paper will therefore focus on ASCM Telecommunication Company its history with social media and the current status of its use of social media.
ASCM a Telecommunication company in this digital era has tried its best to offer the best coverage to customers’ at the most reasonable prices for it to be ahead of competition. Its role in the industry being provision of services that are widely used by consumers ASCM has constantly been required to keep in touch with customers for the purpose of being the best service provider. Social media has proved to be the only effective way of ensuring that there is a well-established access and connection between the company and its customers.
ASCM has been in the industry for around 18years and has been using social media for at least 7 years since it was established. ASCM started using social media before it was renamed from Web 2.0. During the first years of ASCM using social Web it was for the purpose of experimenting the different fields of marketing. ASCM partnered with various mobile telecommunication companies and through this it was able to access a large distribution network and was able to establish its brand. ASCM came up with various adverstiments campaigns that were able to win most customers hearts and attract new ones. After this effect of just an advert, the company’s eyes were opened to investing more on social media. This was with the hope of gaining a strong online presence which would help in gaining customers and prospects Australia. The ASCM started with using Facebook to create insight by making it a platform where their customers can be able to have fun, and find sharable content. Resultantly, the number of ASCM subscribers grew by approximately 5 million and this was just the beginning.
Highlight of activities of social media
ASCM was awarded the best in test service provider which is dedicated to providing great and fastest customer experience. After this award the company focused on creating awareness of its status in the region since it was ranked the best network provider in the region. As a result, ASCM created video ads that presented the provider as the best for everyone looking for a super-fast internet and great customer care service. The aim of these advertisements were to communicate to its customers that it would improve people’s lives by providing the best technology network that is easy to use as well as a great customer experience.
Further, these ads focused on individuals around 18-45 year who are enthusiastic and open minded. These ads posted on Facebook helped run the campaign of the most super-fast internet solutions at a cheaper cost which increased the number of customers reached to more than 2 million people, and landed almost 96 % of the target group on Facebook. Notably, ASCM decided to have the most brand ambassadors on social media. This was a big event where the interviews were live on social media and all the followers and customers of ASCM could join too and watch the interviews live. This marked a big turn around since it was fun and most of all customers felt more connected to their brand choice, larger market was reached and customer service improved since the brand ambassadors too, were among the most influential people on social media.
Importantly, ASCM used social media when it was rebranding and naming its company from AUM to ASCM. All its social media platforms were flooded with comments and proposals for its new name as well as how they should rebrand their products and services. This provided a platform for the customers to express themselves how they feel about the company name and the brands. As a result, this did not only make ASCM company customers active and involved but it also gave the company which every organization struggles with getting. The turnout was great and millions of comments and views kept coming in. This marked a big turnaround for the organization even after rebranding and renaming its company.
Additionally, the ASCM Company has been posting all the corporate social responsibility activities it has been being involved in as well as the ongoing ones. For instance, shows and events such as, music from around the world, charity events and so on have been posted on the social media. This has not only created an good reputation for the company ,but has also in a way maintained existing customers and attracted new customers which means increased market share and sales as well. This has as acted as a brand marketing strategy to larger audience for this company.
Furthermore, ASCM came up with a mobile app which provided customers with the option of requesting to call or text to speak to an agent in case of an issue. Moat customers had the app installed and as a result ASCM was able to track customers’ opinions and comments on platforms like Facebook and twitter. Also, ASCM came up with a technique referred to as ASCM lucky win. This strategy was used to increase the awareness of ASCM brands in social media where customers were required to like ASCM posts and share them on their walls. This would give 10 out of every 100 customers who post and share that a chance to win shopping lottery or a trip to one of the most exotic hotels. This created more awareness of the brand, its product and services and increased customer involvement....
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