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Improving Employee Performance and Hotel Amenities to Drive Customer Satisfaction (Thesis Proposal Sample)


improving employee performance and Hotel Amenities to Drive Customer Satisfaction


Running head: A critical evaluation of improving employee performance and Hotel Amenities to Drive Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Marriott London Marble Arch hotel
I declare that this work is original and has not been submitted by any other person for the academic purposes.
My sincere thanks go to my instructor who guided me throughout my research by giving me the necessary advice and materials. Equally, I could like to thank my parents, sisters and brothers who gave me not only the financial support, but also the moral support. Finally, I could wish to give special thanks to God the almighty for giving me health and straight throughout the research.
For any hospitality industry to be successful in the market, it should not only concentrate towards attracting new customers, but also retaining the existing ones. It is therefore, important for the management to implement effective policies of customer loyalty and satisfaction. In the hospitality industry, satisfaction of clients is mainly hooked towards quality of services. The management needs to be focused on ways of improving customer s satisfaction, hence improving their loyalty. Customer satisfaction is likely to improve the image of the company. Customer satisfaction will determine whether or not customers will return to the hotel or the impact they will have on other customers. This research will conduct a qualitative analysis of the Marriott London Marble Arch hotel. In this case, we will examine the services provided by the hotel and how they contribute towards customers’ satisfaction. Equally, the paper will evaluate the role of employees in customers’ satisfaction and how their performance can be improved through a cohesive culture.
Table of contents
CHAPTER 1.0 Introduction
research background
Statement of the problem
Research Questions
Aims and objectives
Company background
significance of the research
CHAPTER 2.0 Literature review
2.1 customer expectations
2.2 Drivers of customers’ loyalty
2.3 customer satisfaction
Hotel Worker Teams
Maintaining a cohesive culture
Advantages of a strong cohesive culture among the employees
Relationship building among employees
How administration improvement contribute to employee performance
How administration improvement contribute to employee performance
Hotel amenities and their contribution towards customer’s satisfaction
CHAPTER 3.O Methodology
3.1 Analysis
3.2 Qualitative versus quantitative research
3.3 Quantitative research design
3.4 Reasons for Adopting a Quantitative Approach in this Study
3.5 Weakness of the Approach
Chapter 4.0 Conclusion and recommendation
Chapter 5.0 References
Chapter 1.0 Introduction
Research Background
The tourism industry continues to be the world’s leading hospitability industry. UK is among the most popular destination of majority of tourists in the world. It is alleged that the industry is worth of about $74 billion of the country’s economy and sustains more than 2 million jobs. These figures were obtained from 24.7 million visitors who came to America in 2009. The tourism industry is expected to grow by 4.2 % at the end of 2011. Notably, the continuous growth of the tourism industry in the UK has a direct impact on the hotel industry. In Britain, the Hotel Industry reported that 2010 was a fruitful year with an increase of over 5% over 2009. Statistics from Hotel Benchmark indicates that revenue in every room had increased by 10% in 2009. This notwithstanding, however, the nature of the business profoundly changes. In this case, there are times when the business was unviable, particularly, when the gross profit is deducted for administration bills and taxes. Moreover, the Hotels become a sensible proposition when the business gets to 100k turnover mark. This corresponds to approximately 17 bedrooms in the hotel. Only when the hotel industry reaches that size that it can add its amenities and increase the number of workers such as chefs, receptionist and bartenders. Another challenge facing the industry is the seasonality of the tourism industry and the dynamics on catering to the potential segments of the market. It should be noted that the country has hotels that are particular to certain age groups, and some section of the community such as the gay community (Statistics on Tourism and Research (Star UK) 2009).
As a result, therefore, the hotels have a drive to improve the performance of its staff members as well as its services. This will ensure that that there is an increase in customer buy-in hence increased business turnover. The rationale of this research attempts at looking for ways of improving the functionality of the employees as well as the facilities and the various social facilities in Manchester Airport Marriot Hotel. The research will explore the various drivers behind brand standards and customer satisfaction in Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel, as well as the necessary strategies the hotel could implement to address the necessary improvements in terms of employee knowledge, skills, and facilities.
Marriot hotels are a brand of hotels, which are operated by the Marriot International. The hotel is categorized under the upscale segment. The company operates various types of hotels that cover most service and price levels. Marriot hotels serve the luxury market segments as well as the extended market segments (Chu-Mei, 2008, p., 56). The company believes that there are several ways that it can improve the management expertise, Marriott’s systems and hotel employees. Although the company empowers its people through ‘instant pacification’ means regarding customer complaints and problems, there is need for the company to shift its focus into a specific service area.
Arguably, the parent company transports its efforts to the franchises and Marriot Group, in which London Marble Arch hotel belongs.
1.2 Statement of the problem
The Marriott London Marble Arch hotel is a four star hotel that caters for different social groups like singles, families with young children and teenagers and those in honey money. Visitors expect to get reliable services in these hotels in terms of rooms, value cleanness, host-able employees, and pool.There is need to improve brand standardization so as to address customers’ concerns as an effort of building lifetime values in them. As such, clients expect a transformation from the traditional into a more people focused processes.
1.3 Research Questions
In view of this, this research will address the following research questions:
What are the programs and strategies can Marriott London Marble Arch hotel can implement so as to implement so as to address client service-related complaints and problems in relation to brand standards?
What are the benefits provided by the existing social amenities in Marriott London Marble Arch hotel, particularly, the restaurant and the bar area? On what ways can these services be improved?
What implication does improving amenities and brand standards have on the performances of employees? In what ways can the physical and administrative improvements help in improving the performance of employees?
What are the impacts of hotel-wide improvements on customer satisfaction?
1.4 Aims and Objectives
The main aim of this research is to determine how the overall improvement on brands, including employees and amenities, could improve the client’s satisfaction in Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel. In specific, the research aims at accomplishing the following objectives:
To examine the benefits of the already existing brand standards and amenities, and to identify ways of improving them.
To explore the driving forces behind customer satisfaction in Marriott London Marble Arch hotel.
To establish the impacts of hotel-wide improvement to customer satisfaction
To identify the need of improving brand standards through employee and amenities improvements.
1.5 Company background
Marriott London Marble Arch is situated within London, near Marble Arch, Royal Albert Hall, and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. The nearby points of interest include Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. Its central location, friendly services and superior amenities attract savvy travelers to this hotel. The hotel is located in a serene environment and close to Oxford Street, West End and Hyde Park theatres. Moreover, the restaurant is near to department stores, families’ attractions, financial district and museums. The London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch has a elegant setting with spacious guestrooms that are perfect for a productive and a comfortable stay. The rooms offer a cozy sitting space, an access to internet and a working desk. Other facilities within this hotel include indoor swimming club and leisure club. Social and business events are normally carried out in the 264 square meter meeting facilities. The skilled planners and outstanding catering ensures that the outcome is always positive
Significance of the research
The competition in the hospitality industry has been on the rise in the recent past. As a result, every hotel is trying to do its best to attract and maintain the existing customers. This research will attempt to look into the causes of customer dissatisfaction, and ways in which Marriott London Marble Arch hotel can Improve Employee Performance and Hotel Amenities to D...

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