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Research Proposal on Domestic Violence (Thesis Proposal Sample)


write a Research Proposal on Domestic Violence


Running head: Research Proposal on Domestic Violence
Research Proposal on Domestic Violence
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Date: 12th October, 2019
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc21807416 \h 3Review of literature PAGEREF _Toc21807417 \h 4Rationale PAGEREF _Toc21807418 \h 5Method and Design PAGEREF _Toc21807419 \h 6Methodology PAGEREF _Toc21807420 \h 6Design PAGEREF _Toc21807421 \h 7Procedure PAGEREF _Toc21807422 \h 8Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc21807423 \h 9Significance and Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc21807424 \h 10References PAGEREF _Toc21807425 \h 11
Domestic violence is an abusive and intimidating negative behavior against persons in a relationship. It’s thus any behavior that is meant to gain as well as control over another person. The victim of such violence may be a spouse which is most common, children, partner etc. Domestic violence is not limited to just physical violence; it can be physical, emotional, social and economic abuse. The act physical violence occurs when someone is threatening or actually physically harming another person in a relationship. Emotional abuse is a product when one tries to deprive another, the feeling of self-worth in a relationship to an extent of depriving independence of the person. Economic abuse happens when someone in control of finances and keeps another financially dependent such that the person dictates the financial spending. Social abuse occurs where there are insults and humiliations going to an extent of controlling how a person socially relates with the rest of the society (Lyon, 2013). From the above forms of domestic violence, one central feature is well depicted and it’s the aspect of power which is used against another person in the relationship. This research seeks to enumerate or examine the proposition that power differentials among persons in a relationship fuels domestic violence. All the forms of domestic violence have one common denominator, power. The study will thus assist in defining if at all power plays a role in domestic violence.
Language is not only limited to communication but also its vital for human behavior. It’s through language that a person interacts with the rest of the society. That happens through expressing oneself and influences the behavior of other people (Kennison, 2018). The topic under study is related psychology of language since its language that is used to effect/relay the abuse which amounts to domestic violence in a relationship. A person who is exercising power to influence another, where such acts amount to domestic violence uses language in the course exercising such powers.
Review of literature
According to Brustia (2019), Domestic violence exists in any society. It can be attributed to aspects such as economic, social as well as cultural. It ranges from economic, psychological and religious abuse. Domestic violence does recognize age and thus cuts across all persons of all ages, genders, social classes, sexual orientations etc. It’s thus an existent phenomenon in relationships. Many persons in domestic violence situations feel trapped and with no choice but to hold onto the relationship. Many victims are bound to be succumb to health problems and notably among them is depression.
Black (2012) considers domestic violence a serious social threat that should be addressed. It’s not only the concern of the victim but everyone around where it is happening. This is because; the effects of the violence are bound to affect all other persons within the vicinity. He holds the contention that the best indicator of future behavior is the current behavior. It therefore follows that it’s also essential to ensure that have reporting of such incidents as well as monitoring offenders. It’s everyone’s role to ensure that domestic violence is curbed towards achieving a violence free society. Rhatigan et al, (2005) proposes the need to further efforts to perfect tools of assessing partner violence. He contends that even though there are previously developed programs, it’s not clear empirically on the outcome of the programs.
From the above studies, it’s quite clear that domestic violence is a problem that needs attention. The studies also acknowledge that there exists various forms of violence and not only physical in the world of domestic violence. The studies have however not enumerated what really drives domestic violence. It’s not in contention that the studies have presented the aspect of their existing a problem, however, the root cause being the driver that makes persons continue perpetuating acts of domestic violence have not been effectively discussed. The question that this study hence stands to respond to is whether power differentials among persons in a relation perpetuates domestic violence.
The questions I will examine in the research are:
1 Does power differential fuel domestic violence in relationships?
1 What are the causes of domestic violence?
2 What are the effects of domestic violence?
3 What are the solutions to domestic violence?
4 What are the prevention strategies to curb domestic violence?
The research questions are related to the issues raised in the introduction bit of this paper in various ways. First, the main research question seeks to realize what really drives domestic violence to exist in a relationship. The subsidiary questions help internalize the concept posed in the main question. The cause will assist in determine whether indeed, power has a role in domestic violence. The effects part will help realize the aftermath of use of power against victim of domestic violence. The solutions will assist in defining how such power that is being abused can be limited to avoid abuse which in turn amounts to domestic violence. Finally, the prevention question will work to define how it’s possible to eliminate the possibility of using power differential in relationship as tool to propel violence. The relation between the questions and issues raised in the introduction is clear since the concept of use of power had been highlighted in the introduction.
The hypothesis for the research is Power Differentials in a Relationship Fuel Domestic Violence. The exercise of such power requires language in order to perpetuate the acts of domestic violence. This thus brings forth how psycholinguistic in the study.
If hypothesis is confirmed, it would mean that psychological of language has a key role in solving domestic violence. This is because it’s a recurrent factor when domestic violence is taking place. It thus means that there needs to be attention psychology of language as it can help fully understand the issue under study and be able to get a solution. On the other hand, if the hypothesis is disconfirmed, it means that psychology of language does not have a role in domestic violence. It would thus mean that it’s not a factor in domestic violence and there are other ways that domestic violence thrives besides use of power.
Method and Design
The methodology of study to be used is the phenomenological method. This is the data collection approach that will be used to persons that have been in an abusive relationship that amounted domestic violence. The experiences and positions of persons who have been in such situations will work to substantially assist the data collection (Max, 2014). As a phenomenologist is supposed to gather what participants have experienced in common, it will be quite useful since domestic violence is a phenomenal that has been experienced by all the participants. All the participants will be telling their experience.
The method is the best since the research is about the phenomena of domestic violence experience. This is something that the participants have gone through and this methodology thus will assist in bringing forth that concept. The participants will have to be persons who have been victims of domestic violence. Such persons will be the best give their firsthand experience of the phenomenon under study. The sample to be used will be based on various criteria. The first one is the participants must have left the abusive relationship for at least a year. Such a time frame is effective in order to be able to give room for persons who may have undergone an acute crisis and are still healing. Within one year time frame, such persons could have sought for help and ready to talk. Moreover, such persons can be able to talk about the life before the violence and after which would be essential for the research. The second criterion of the sample is that the persons must be ready to share the experiences. The next criterion is participants to be of 21 years of age and above. Such persons can be able to make informed decisions about themselves.
From the sample explained above, persons who do not fit the criteria would be left out since it would be unethical for instance to question a minor without consent of their guardian. Secondly, any participant whop would feel uncomfortable once the research commences would also be dropped in order to preserve their privacy rights and preferences. Other than that, any other participants fitting the criteria would not be excluded.
The hypothesis to be tested is power differentials fuels domestic violence in relationships. In the hypothesis, two variables can be deduced i.e. dependent and independent variables. Power differentials are the independent while domestic violence is the dependent variable. The test would thus be on wh...

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