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Community Health: Uncontrolled Diabetes As A Critical Health Issue (Thesis Proposal Sample)


uncontrolled diabetes as a critical health issue, causes, measures put in place to curb diabetes and the role of nursing in managing the disease.

Community Health Name Instructor’s name Institution Community Health Community health nursing, also referred to as community nursing or public health majorly entails the provision of healthcare and nursing services specifically in a communal context. A healthy and peaceful community can in a way be distracted by critical health issues that pose a danger to the health of an individual or the community as a whole. Some of the essential health issues that can arise due to several underlying factors include substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease, uncontrolled diabetes, asthma, congestive heart disease among others ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"J21r6qIL","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Brownson, Deshpande, & Gillespie, 2017)","plainCitation":"(Brownson, Deshpande, & Gillespie, 2017)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":488,"uris":[""],"uri":[""],"itemData":{"id":488,"type":"book","title":"Evidence-based public health","publisher":"Oxford university press","source":"Google Scholar","author":[{"family":"Brownson","given":"Ross C."},{"family":"Deshpande","given":"Anjali D."},{"family":"Gillespie","given":"Kathleen N."}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2017"]]}}}],"schema":""} (Brownson, Deshpande, & Gillespie, 2017). In this case, public/community health nurses play a significant role in the provision of services such as preventive care and health education and intervention to populations or communities. The paper is an account of uncontrolled diabetes as a critical health issue, causes, measures put in place to curb diabetes and the role of nursing in managing the disease. Diabetes has become rampant in the whole world; statistics show that over 400 million people, have diabetes yearly and the numbers keep on adding up in each country. In 2010, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) projected that diabetes affected 8.3% of the entire population, which is 25.8 million of people. The percentage comprised of 18.8% diagnosed and 7% undiagnosed individuals. Majority of the victims inflicted were aged 65 years and above. Findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) records that type 2 diabetes is the most leading with four folds in the preceding three decades. In the national data, in 2007, diabetes was ranked the 7th primary cause of fatality in the US. Diabetes comes with many health complications such as vision problems, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, amputations, and diseases of the nervous system ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"cA6WPNDl","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Control & Prevention, 2017)","plainCitation":"(Control & Prevention, 2017)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":484,"uris":[""],"uri":[""],"itemData":{"id":484,"type":"article-journal","title":"National diabetes statistics report, 2017","container-title":"Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Dept of Health and Human Services","source":"Google Scholar","author":[{"family":"Control","given":"Centers for Disease"},{"literal":"Prevention"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2017"]]}}}],"schema":""} (Control & Prevention, 2017). My principal focus in this discussion will be on type 2 diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes is characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood above the normal targeted ranges. Any impairment to the production of insulin by the pancreas results in much glucose levels in the bloodstream which damages several organs functioning in the body. Some of the underlying causal or instead risk factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes are as follows; family history- having one of the closest relatives be it a parent or sibling increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, having paternal and maternal records of type 2 diabetes increases the risks by five times. Obesity and overweight- increase in body weight increases the chances of developing the disease. Sedentary lifestyle- inactive people, for instance, those who eat a lot without doing exercises are likely to develop type 2 diabetes at one point in their lifetime. Smoking- it usually is associated with increased levels of blood sugar which in turn weakens insulin sensitivity. Also, distribution of fats around the waist-to-hip tends to cause insulin resistance thus, doubling the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. With many diabetes cases, standard interventional measures have been implemented with the aim of reducing the number of people through managing of the affected and helping the healthy ones prevent and stay safe from diabetes. Some of the ways incorporated community health worker (CHW) interventions which constitute; project sugar 2 (PS2) and evidence-based community health nurse ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"FQTurOxR","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Beck et al., 2018)","plainCitation":"(Beck et al., 2018)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":491,"uris":[""],"uri":[""],"itemData":{"id":491,"type":"article-journal","title":"2017 National standards for diabetes self-management education and support","container-title":"The Diabetes Educator","page":"35–50","volume":"44","issue":"1","source":"Google Scholar","author":[{"family":"Beck","given":"Joni"},{"family":"Greenwood","given":"Deborah A."},{"family":"Blanton","given":"Lori"},{"family":"Bollinger","given":"Sandra T."},{"family":"Butcher","given":"Marcene K."},{"family":"Condon","given":"Jo Ellen"},{"family":"Cypress","given":"Marjorie"},{"family":"Faulkner","given":"Priscilla"},{"family":"Fischl","given":"Amy Hess"},{"family":"Francis","given":"Theresa"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2018"]]}}}],"schema":""} (Beck et al., 2018). The two approaches aim at supporting management of diabetes at a personal level to optimize control of the disease. Project sugar 2 entails treatment algorithms, one-on-one interventions, community outreach, precede-proceed model and multiple contacts. The community-based interventions advocated for healthy dieting and exercise. Community nurses in health services play a vital role in controlling of chronic diabetes; they provide oral therapies, injectable therapies, identification and treatment of hypoglycemia, monitoring glucose levels, screening and promoting self-care. They also control urine and assessment of patient’s nutritional needs. Evidence-based practice(EBP) is best defined as a meticulous application of the latest suitable evidence make justifiable decisions from various specialists’ expertise regarding patient care provision with due respect to the patient’s values ...
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