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Importance of availability of proper pain management to everyone (Thesis Sample)

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Thesis: Importance of availability of proper pain management to everyone
Pain can be defined as a sensation that causes one to hurt. Pain causes distress, discomfort and at times it is very agonizing though this depends on how severe the pain is. Pain can be experienced in various ways (Abram, 3). Sometimes it is just an ache where it is steady and constant. It can also be throbbing or very stabbing. Pain can be described properly by the person experiencing it. There are two types pain: acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is short lived and can indicate an injury, but after the injury heals the pain disappears. One the other hand, chronic pain is pain that is severe and lasts longer (Smith, 2).
Proper pain management can be termed as the approaches that one can undertake in order to stop, relieve or even prevent pain. These methods include the use of physical methods, psychological methods and medication (Smith, 15). Before deciding on the mode of pain management to undertake, one should review the pain definitions and the mechanism needed to relieve the pain. Pain that is uncontrolled can lead to delayed healing and also a decrease in one’s appetite. When one is able to control pain, they are able to live a happy life, especially those living with diseases without a cure (Abram, 6).
When pain is ignored, it may result to severe problems that could have been avoided if the pain was handled with care (Vachss, 2). This shows that pain should be managed with great care to avoid complications. However, one should not just buy any medication without the doctor’s prescription because the body may be resistant to some medicines thus causing severe complications. Therefore, before taking medication in order to reduce pain, one should seek the doctor’s advice (Abram, 24).
When people are suffering from severe pain, they tend to think that they have become a burden to their families. This can lead to the pain persisting. It is therefore very important for the other family members to accept the situation in which the sick person is in (Vachss, 11). They should treat them with care and show them that they are important. When the people undergoing the pain realize that they are important to others, they have a reason to live for and this plays a great role in them, hence they result in trying the various methods of dealing with the pain (Smith, 26).
Those suffering from incurable diseases can be told of the various methods to deal with pain whenever it occurs (Vachss, 30). This is important because every person can deal with the pain, even when the doctor is absent. This also helps the patients to accept their situation since they do not always have to be in pain. Therefore, it should be recommended that all doctors should ensure that they give prescriptions to their patients, according to the type of pain one is going through (Smith, 4).
Seminars should also be conducted whereby the people can be taught on how to deal with pain. This is important because people acquire knowledge on the different methods to deal with pain. With this knowledge, people will not panic every time one is in pain just because there is no hospital nearby or the doctor is not available (Vachss, 21).
When one has the knowledge on how to control their pain, it helps a lot in bearing the pain. Managing of pain has strategies which can lead to relieving the pain if and only if these strategies are used in the right way. Pain is very personal and the methods used to manage it can differ from one person to another (Abram, 46). However, one has to try various methods of dealing with the pain before they get to know what works best for them. Most people who suffer from great pain do not believe that the pain can be relieved. However, before trying the methods to manage pain, one has to accept their situation and be ready to overcome it (Smith, 46).
Some strategies can be used in order to deal with the pain. One is to set goals. They should be taught on how to set the goals on how to spend their days. This helps in making their minds active and sometimes they even tend to forget about the pain they are going through (Smith, 50). They should also be informed of the importance of carrying out physical activities. These activities help in relaxing the muscle under pain and later overcoming the pain. Relaxing is also another way of dealing with the pain. When one is abl...
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