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How Malaysia Resident are Influence by Social Media Marketing on Consumers’ Brand Loyalty (Thesis Sample)


This chapter will cover the interpretation and analysis of all of the obtained data, which was collected via an online questionnaire on a Google document and analyzed using the Smart PLS program. Summary of the response rate and sample size obtained from the respondents is explained in this chapter. Following that, the entire data set will be subjected to factor analysis and reliability testing. After that, descriptive analysis will be used to assemble the data into demographic characteristics. Finally, a correlational analysis will be done, followed by multiple regression analysis, to explore the relationships between the social media marketing on consumers’ brand loyalty. In the appendix, there is a link to a Google form.


This chapter analyzes the collected data. The pre-test and pilotare introduced. Then use descriptive analysis to describe the distribution of data, evaluate the external measurement model and internal structure model through PLS-SEM analysis, and perform statistical analysis.

Pre-test was carried out on 5th of October 2020, data were collected online from respondents rather than having to collect data face-to-face contact which is dangerous due to coronavirus outbreak (CDC, 2020). A survey of 10 respondents was conducted, including 1 mobile payment academician and 9 people with experience in using online food delivery services. According to a study proposed by Tan and Ooi (2018), pre-test helps to reduce the ambiguity and misunderstanding of questionnaire design. Therefore, ensuring that the respondents fully understand the questionnaire, it also provides an idea of issues that may arise during conducting the actual survey.

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