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An Admission Essay of a Student to Study Business Management (Admission Essay Sample)

Human Resource Management
Joining Oregon International University has always been my dream since my high school days to do my graduate degree in Business Resource Management. There are several reasons that contributed to this dream, and the main one was that Oregon International University is one of the best universities in the world offering quality education about Business Resource Management. This means that it accommodates students from various regions around the world contributing to diversity which is a crucial component concerning studying Business Resource Management as the world is becoming quite a small place as a result of the improvements in technology. The other reason that I would like to study Business Resource Management is that I have received good and quality education in the same institution over the past.
I completed a degree in Bachelors of Arts in Psychology as well as a minor in Sociology. These courses are helpful in my quest to study a course in Business Resource Management as I have a vast knowledge of the social behaviors of human beings. This is crucial especially in organizations whereby I would be able to integrate the social behavior of the employees in an organization. Human Resource falls under Business Resource Management and therefore it is for the best interest of the Human Resource department to have some who has studied psychology as well as sociology who will be able to measure the levels of satisfaction of the employees maintaining the enthusiasm of the employees by regulating strategies as well as establishing channels of communication between the management and the workers.
Over the past, I have worked for six months in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy where I worked as a behavior therapist, and consequently, I provided therapeutic behavior modifications programs to the children who have autism condition. This experience taught me a lot of life lessons about human beings. Dealing with children with autism is not an easy task and needs someone who is patient, and this is quite a good advantage for me as in the Human Resource setting in an organization, patience is vital for the growth and overall betterment of the organization. This coupled with my familiarity in the Applied Behavior Analysis will benefit me in my ...
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