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Statement of Goals (Admission Essay Sample)


Statement of Goals 
Please address the following in detail:
what are your professional goals an how will an MBA from this University assist you in reaching those goals? (to own/manage a 24 hour/7 days a week child care facility)
based on your previous collegiate, professional, and life experience, why do you think now is the right time for you to enroll in the MBA Program? (recently retired from the Navy and don't have military operations distractions)
having below a 3.0 at the undergraduate level, how do you think you will be able to handle the academic rigot of a Graduate Program that requires student to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.


Statement of Goals
Author’s Name
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Statement of Goals
Despite the many years spent in the Navy, I lack some essential management concepts and skills in business. A deep understanding of these concepts will add to the success of owning and managing a childcare facility, which will be in operation for 24/7 per week. As such, it is clear that, leadership and management skills will guarantee my business-ownership goal. I am not seeking an MBA to pursue employment, rather, am pursuing this degree to become a successful business owner. Besides the various courses, which an MBA will expose me to, I will receive specialty training in business ownership, entrepreneurship among many others, which will help me realize my long-term objective of owning and managing a child care facility.
Just like other lines of businesses, owning and managing a child care facility requires a broad understanding of the activities, business operations and administration. An MBA will help me gain this understanding. In the same context, the MBA will teach me about accounting, risk assessments, finance, economics, leadership and customer service. Not only will the MBA provide an overview of the business operations and administration, it will also help me access valuable information, mainly from other contexts, and people who have pursued the same line of business. Compared to an undergraduate business program, an MBA will expose me to a variety of skills, training and development.
In fact, an MBA encompasses a broad spectrum of courses, which I perceive as appropriate in respect to my business objective. As stated, I will have a deep understanding on financial issues; hence, I will make proper and strategic financial decisions prior and after starting my business. Therefore, expansion of my business knowledge and skills in the aforementioned areas will help me achieve success in starting the business. As mentioned earlier, I was working in the Navy, but now, I am free to pursue my MBA without any distractions. Unlike other people who may prefer relaxing after retirement, I feel I have an obligation to the society.
In addition, to the knowledge, I gained working in the navy; an MBA will increase my human resource knowledge, which I will need be...
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