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Admission for International Economics & Career Requires (Admission Essay Sample)


Admission essay


Admission for International Economics
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Pursuing a particular career requires various qualities without which a candidate will inevitably struggle in the future. Desire, ambitions, and competencies are some of the crucial traits one ought to have. Also, a good foundation is equally important as it makes an individual outstanding in the midst of many other people. Despite my young age, I have come to understand that these qualities are vital in becoming an excellent person both now and in the future. A mere wish does not influence my desire to join the George Town University's School Of Foreign Service- Qatar. Rather, I possess the mentioned qualities. In the midst of many applications this institution will receive, mine will be outstanding owing to the various qualifications some of which are elaborated below.
First, one needs to have a rational reason for wanting to pursue a course. For me, one of the major reasons compelling me to continue this course is to become the individual I dreamt of while I was still young. When growing up, every child dreams of becoming someone great in the society and am not exceptional. When I was growing up, I had my desires; I dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, dreaming is not enough; pursuit of one’s desire is an imperative. Thus, I have chosen to pursue this course to fulfill my childhood dream.
Again, one has to be mindful of their preferred place to pursue their goals since some institutions lack the capacity to impart knowledge to the students. Sadly, such students end up wasting their money besides missing out on their careers since not many corporations would hire unqualified graduates. Therein, lies another reason for my decision to pursue this major in this institution. As a person who practices due diligence, I have conducted background research and discovered a lot about your institution. Indeed, it has some of the most qualified trainers besides having the right facilities including a library and other equipment. Therefore, I am pursuing international economics because there is an institution with all the relevant departments, equipment, and facilities.
Additionally, I am pursuing this course at this time because I have been motivated by outstanding individuals one of whom is Qatari’s ruler, H.H.Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani. Often, some people challenge me because of my young age and advice me that pursuing a career at this age might be a challenge. However, this Qatari leader has motivated beyond a point of return. Incredibly, Sheikh Tamim is aged just 35 years yet is already a ruler. Furthermore, his father and grandfather are still alive, and this inevitably provides tremendous inspiration to a lot of people, especially me. Being young is often viewed as a limitation to pursuing some courses, bur this is not necessarily true. The achievement of Tamim is proof enough that this notion is not factual. Therefore, my desire to pursue international economics is fueled further by Sheikh Tamim’s achievements despite his evidently young age.
Having listed the reasons for my desire to pursue this course at the stated institution- George Town University to be precise- I now wish to elaborate why I believe I stand out amongst many applicants. First, I have an incredibly strong base in the area of business, economics and accounting. At only nine years, my IGCSE results included a B grade for Business Studies and a C grade for Economics. As a result, this gave me a strong base in this course and am convinced this will be an advantage since I have a glimpse of what the course entails. In line with this trait, my father inspired me to become both who I am presently and the one I envision to be in the future. My father was a great entrepreneur whose passion and skills inspired me to choose this course.
Secondly, I have proved my resolute, tenacity and commitment. I am expected to graduate aged 11, which is pretty younger than the rest. Interestingly, despite my young age, my grades in my current institution have been compromised; I compete with older mates yet still manage to emerge among the best. I know that George Town University would want to have bright students that understand the importance of remaining tenacious. In light of my highlighted traits, it is evident that I will have a positive impact on this institution. In return, the academic prowess I will attain from this university will make me some kind of an ambassador since many will enquire where I gained the exceptional skills. In other words, your institution ought to admit me because the skills I achieve there will go on to solidify your brand.
Thirdly, I would plead with the institution to accept my application be...
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