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Persnal Statement on Interest and Talent (Admission Essay Sample)


Please write a 500-750 words, 12 fonts, single-spaced personal statement for a dental hygiene program. The prompt is "How would you describe your interest or talent? And how does it differentiate you from others?" Your writing should be used to know how your interest or talent looks like and the extent to which you express yourself will be in grading you.


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Personal Statement
At the core of my attentiveness in pursuing a dental hygiene program is the desire to help patients attain and maintain healthier lives, equip individuals with information about the importance of achieving oral health, provide service to other people, and advance my career in the future. I must admit that what initiated my curiosity in an oral health course was reading many publications in high school. Through continued reading and research, I learned the dental hygienist's roles, duration of the study, minimum working hours, and standard salary. Interestingly, the more research I did about this field, the more I was convinced to set my foot in a program that would lead me to become a dental hygiene professional. This personal statement describes my interest and how it differentiates me from others.
In addition to being a hardworking student, I always aim at deciphering the details of all my projects. In other 

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