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admission essay on urban education (Admission Essay Sample)

task: The mission of the ABC School of Education is to strengthen urban education locally, nationally, and globally. For more information on our approach to transforming urban education, please review our mission. Reflecting on this mission, what assumptions, thoughts, and conclusions have you drawn about working in the urban context and what evidence from your own experiences, interests and abilities supports these thoughts and conclusions? What this sample is about: In writing about urban education, the applicant considers issues of diversity, economics, equity and reform. the applicant also describes what roles they have played as a leader and change agent. source..
Living in Los Angeles, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges the cornucopia of ethnicities, races, religions and cultures brings. While the dissimilarities in financial, linguistic, accessibility and social conditions can be demanding, they also expose one to new issues and ideas that were unrealized before. The differences also challenge us to search for innovative and effective solutions for complex educational and social issues. Urban education is ever-changing and continuous, with equal parts challenges and opportunities respectively. Each demographic, social, psychological and financial characteristic of an urban setting is a challenge that needs to be overcome, as well as an opportunity that provides diverse views and ideas for problems. Most importantly, it provides excellent research opportunities as it has such a vast number of test subjects and groups. Test samples can include local, national, and international groupings based on the type and size of research or study. Coming from a traditional Chinese background and as someone who has recently migrated to the United States, I am particularly concerned about the generation and cultural gap between first-generation foreign immigrants in America and their children who were born here. While the immigrants are facing a hard time adjusting to the American way of life and accepting the cultural differences, their American-born children have completely adopted the western lifestyle and mindset, and cannot relate to the original Chinese mentality. This causes constant friction between parents and children, putting a strain on their relationship. As a change agent, I would like to utilize my skills and knowledge that I acquire from my graduate education and training to counsel both groups, helping them understand and respect each other’s ways of thinking. Considering the economic variances and especially the number of low-income immigrant families trying to settle and make ends meet in America, I aspire to make counseling services affordable and more accessible for them. I would like to introduce them and explain to them the conce...
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