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Phsychology admission essay for University of Southern California (Admission Essay Sample)

task: In considering your personal, educational, and employment background, in what ways do you hope or expect to contribute to the academic and professional community at Usc? what this sample is about: this sample is an admission essay that focuses on the applicant's personal, educational and employment background. It explains how the writer will contribute to the academic and professional community at usc in respect to his background. source..
I moved to America 10 years ago from China, and completed my undergraduate degree here. I am Chinese by heart, but have gradually understood and adapted to the American way of life. My parents are Chinese immigrants and uphold Chinese culture, traditions and values dearly. Hence, I have to tread a fine line to ensure I am accepted by them and the traditional Chinese families here, as well as by my American friends and colleagues. As an individual, I am highly observant and a very good listener, and enjoy reading people’s words and actions to decipher deeper emotional and psychological traits that may be hidden underneath. My journey in Psychology started when I took some introductory courses on the subject during my undergraduate studies that really piqued my curiosity. I decided to minor in Psychology, and developed particular interest in childhood, adolescence and counseling Psychology. I realized that my personality and interests, combined with a strong education and practical training, would make me a good counselor able to positively change people’s lives. I am majoring in Communications as an undergraduate, and the fundamental theories I have learned in my major overlap many in Psychology. While research in Communications focuses on causes and means of a phenomenon, Psychology research focuses on effects on people and seeks to explain the source of the problem. Thus, I have learned that Communications and Psychology are complementary to each other, and good interpersonal and cross-cultural communication can help psychologists connect with multicultural backgrounds and treat them better. Additionally, my work as a Research Assistant at Arkin Lab has enhanced my research skills by teaching me the nuances of conducting comprehensive literature reviews to understand a topic better. It has allowed me to run experiments individually and in groups, conduct accurate and timely data collection exercises, and write detailed reaction papers and journal articles. Collectively, I believe my cultural, personal, educational and employment background will help me offer a varied yet functional ...
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