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Verizon Wireless Communications Organizational Culture. Annotated (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The paper annotates five journal publications relating to organization culture and links the emerging concepts to the case study of Verizon Wireless Communications.


Verizon Wireless Communications Organizational Culture
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Verizon Wireless Communications Organizational Culture
Annotated Bibliography
Al-Ali, A. A., Singh, S. K., Al-Nahyan, M., & Sohal, A. S. (2017). Change management through leadership: The mediating role of organizational culture. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 25(4), 723-739.
This journal publication reviews the intervening role of organizational culture in leadership and change management. The authors opine organizations have to adopt changes in their processes and structures to remain competitive in modern times. In this regard, an organizational change could either be planned or imposed by unforeseen events that force a firm to adopt new approaches (Al-Ali, Singh, Al-Nahyan, & Sohal, 2017). Regardless of the change trigger, organizational culture, to a great extent, determines whether the initiative will be successful or not. For example, resistance to change is likely to be high where there lacks a culture of consultations with employees, willingness to embrace urgency and commitment to goals and objectives. According to Al-Ali et al. (2017), organizational culture is a powerful aspect that guides people’s actions without them realizing the influence. Therefore, having the appropriate culture helps to guide employees through change, thereby leading to the success of the adopted or implemented initiative.

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