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Should child psychological therapy be normalized in schools? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


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Annotated Bibliography
Should child psychological therapy be normalized in schools?
1 CDC, (2020). Therapy to Improve Children’s Mental Health. Retrieved from
It seems that this source is arguing that therapy is important for the improvement of the mental health of children. This is because it affects the behaviour of these children and if not addressed, may end up having long-term problems that ultimately affect their health and overall well-being. The source uses theory as evidence to support its arguments. Personally, I believe that the source does a good job in supporting its argument as it explains how psychological therapy is a critical component for the improvement of children’s mental health and helps them to have a healthy transition into adulthood. I think this source will be helpful in supporting my arguments because as it shows that psychological therapy is important for children and adolescents, and their transition to adulthood as it helps improve their mental health and hence giving reasons why psychological therapy should be implemented in schools.
2 American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (2020). Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents: Definition. Retrieved from

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