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An Annotated Bibliography On Understanding Substance Abuse Addiction (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


I was required to Create an annotated bibliography on 'Understanding Addiction'. This annotated bibliography had to include at least 5 resources that are related to the topic you that I chose. At least 4 of the references must be available on the internet and be accessible without needing a password to the members of the class. Be sure to provide links were also required and None of the references could be more than 5 years old.

Understanding Substance Abuse Addiction Name: Institutional Affiliation: Understanding Substance Abuse Addiction 10 Common Signs of Drug Use and Addiction. (n.d.). Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "" Although addiction varies in individuals, ten signs are prevalent in all adduction cases. These are isolation, drug-seeking, poor judgment, withdrawal, unhealthy friendships, cravings, tolerance, physical dependence, financial trouble and responsibility neglect. The article also offers various drug addiction treatment options. Drug Addiction: Know the Warning Signs. (n.d.). Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "/mental-health/addiction/drug-abuse-addiction#2" /mental-health/addiction/drug-abuse-addiction#2 According to "Drug Addiction: Know the Warning Signs," although not all people who use drugs become addicted, addicted can set in at any age. The article explores the factors that raise a person's predisposition to addiction as mental disorders, early drug use, unstable relationships and family history. It also highlights the various signs of addiction and proposes an individual to seek help especially if their desire to abuse drugs gets out of control. Haley, S. (2012). Treatment and referral services for substance abuse at community health center sites in New York State. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 43(3), e18. doi:10.1016/j.jsat.2012.08.090 Haley provides critical information about the scope services offered by New York's CHCs in regards to substance abuse treatment. The study serves as a significant guide to both the state and national workforce on technical assistance, training opportunities, as well as planning and management efforts. National Institute on Drug Abuse. (n.d.). Understanding Drug Use and Addiction. Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "/publications/drugfacts/understanding-drug-use-addiction" /publications/drugfacts/understanding-drug-use-addiction "National Institute on Drug Abuse" describes drug dependence as a chronic condition characterized by a compulsive and uncontrollable drug seeking habit. Long-term abuse of drugs affects the brain functions. Despite the many harmful impacts of addiction, many people still find themselves abusing drugs. NIDA cites biology, environment, and development as the major risk factors. Pokrajac, T., Nolimal, D., & Leskovsek, E. (2016). Stigma, Drug Addiction and Treatment Utilisation: PWUD Perspective. Journal of Drug Abuse, 02(04). doi:10.21767/2471-853x.100037. From  HYPERLINK "" In this journal Pokrajac, Nolimal, & Leskovsek address stigma and agree that discrimination bears adverse health effects on illicit drug abusers. Their study investigates the reasons drug abusers do not seek help. Most of the respondents confirmed that they only seek help when they feel mature enough for it, approximately three to four years into drugs. According to their findings, the various reasons that contribute to exposing an individual to substance abuse include political, economic, cultural and social factors. References 10 Common Signs of Drug Use and Addiction. (n.d.). Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "
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