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Damaged Food and Energy Wasting. Technology Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The assignment is a research task. It’s about to write annotation, requires defining the design problem. What you need to do is to read 1 new academic article (2015-2019) about the topic and well-define the design problem and the way or the strategy have been used in 500 word, providing the references and citations (Harvard style). The first topic is damaged food and you can use the explanation provided in the cards above.


Damaged Food and Energy Wasting
Student’s Name
Damaged Food and Energy Wasting
The Circular Economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy system where the mode is made, use and disposed of. In the linear economy, the system is about sustainability practices where resources are used for log as possible and extraction of maximum value from them. The design of a circular system is to ensure that there is adequate elimination of waste to increase the continual use of resources (Ranta, Aarikka-Stenroos, Ritala, & Mäkinen 2018, P. 74). The system allows a closed-loop system for minimizing the use of resource inputs which require limited input systems which in turn reduce the overall waste. As the world population keeps on growing, the demand for raw materials also increases while the supply remains the same. Apart from this, Su, Heshmati, Geng, & Yu (2012, P. 220) the extracting and use of raw materials for the ballooning population increases carbon emission to the atmosphere which creates climate change and other related problems. This is why the world needs to move towards the circular economy which leads to reduced pressure on the environment and even security of raw materials. The circular economy revolves around the sustainable development goals that focus on people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. 

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