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Economics Business & Marketing Article Critique Essay (Article Critique Sample)




The U.S Economy Unexpectedly Picks Up Speed.
According to this article published in the Housing on 27th November 2019 by Kathleen Howley, it is evident that the America economy has suddenly picked an upward speed of 2.1%. The author states that as compared to the second quarter, which grew by 2%, the third quarter has shown an upward growth trend. However, despite the economic growth, the author adds that the country is faced with slow job creation resulting in slow wage growth.
Concerning the knowledge gathered in class, it is evident that although America’s economy has recorded an upward growth, the country is still struggling with high unemployment, and this has resulted in sluggish wage growth and consumer confidence. The overall take from this article is that although the economy has recorded growth, it is unclear how that has been possible because unemployment rates continue to rise, and this affects consumer spending.

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