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History of the Medical Profession (Article Critique Sample)

The instructions of the sample required a critique of an article on the history of medical profession. The sample analyses the article's presentation on the transformational shifts in medicine, noting different changes which governs a transition of the profession in different context, specifically on how it affects social lives of people and influences commercialization and consumerism in the society. source..
History of The Medical Profession Student’s Name Institution Author Note History of the Medical Profession The article The Continued Social Transformation of the Medical Profession by Stefan Timmermans and Hyeyoung Oh, examines significant developments concerning health policies about the medical profession. From the discussion, I have noted that over the years, the medical profession has been under significant social undermine, which influences professionals in the field to change the key attributes and policies of the profession. With issues including de-professionalization, power decline, and proletarianization facing the medical profession authority, critical aspects of the values of the career arise. And despite the substantial healthcare funds put into the medical field, it does not exhibit its economic values. As the medical profession shifts its transformation to respond to the rising social concerns strategically, the career field influences critical challenges to be established, which implicates the responsibilities of the professionals in the field. First, the changes in the medical field to define its economic values influences a rise in patient consumerism, thus impacting how healthcare services are undertaken, resulting in a decline in patient’s trust. Secondly, I have noted that as critical sectors in the medical profession transform, other policies emerge, for instance, an evidence-based system to provide guidelines on healthcare providence. Such measures influence ideological conflicts among professions, thus affecting decision making across the department. Lastly, th...
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