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Article Critique
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Article review Motivation and leadership Management Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


The task required that i search one latest forbe's article on employee motivation and analyze it.


Article review on motivation and leadership
Article review on motivation and leadership
Forbes website presents the article Here’s What Happens When Leaders Get Employee Motivation Right as a major by Jim Barnett as a major direction on how leaders should motivate employees. The article opens by stating three important aspects that leaders should practice to improve employee motivation. Notably, the author highlights Public recognition, Quarterly bonuses and Gamification as some of the ways through which leaders can motivate employees CITATION Her20 \l 1033 (Barnett, 2020). The article further outlines how the three elements can be used together to ensure employees are effectively motivated. Barnett also affirm that most organizations combine the different approaches to achieve employee motivation and uphold their values. The article presents a question on how organizations can motivate employees in the right way.

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