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HR Management At Facebook: Amazing Benefits For Amazing Talents (Article Critique Sample)


the task required review of an article.
The sample reviews an article on how facebook keeps its employees motivated

Article Review: HR Management at Facebook: Amazing Benefits for Amazing Talents Name: Institution: Human resource management is key in the success of any company. This article takes a look at how Facebook has excelled in the management of its employees and how this has helped them soar to greater heights due to employees performing at the highest level. Facebook has ensured the satisfaction of its employees through use of open office layouts to enhance engagement and fun among its employees. This office design has brought freedom among employees as opposed to the use of cubicles which are suffocating and pressurize employees. Facebook has also ensured satisfaction of employees by providing free food with great variety. This ensures high energy among its employees and boosts their productivity. It also gives them time to bond and share as they share snacks. This has resulted in boosted energy and morale of the employees. The company has also strived to ensure the convenience of its employees. It has achieved this through offering free Wi-Fi shuttle buses, free train passes, van pools and free auto parking. It also ensures there are no meetings on Wednesday which ensures flow of work while allowing its employees the comfort of working from home which enables them to recharge and have a much needed break. Facebook also has an excellent performance management system. It provides continuous feedback to its employees. Using online tools, Facebook is able to provide guidance to its employees and responding to any questions and suggestions. It al...
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