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The Study And Critique Of A Known Leader In America (Article Critique Sample)


the task involved the study and critique of a known leader in america


Critique of a Known leader
Critique of a known leader
In every organization, schools included, leadership is of essence. Organizations achieve their goals when leadership is effective. The personal traits of the leader must be put into consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of a leader. Elementary schools require leaders with strong character due to the complex nature of activities in such schools. These schools serve as the first stage for young children to engage in academic activities thus a lot of caution should be taken to maintain good leadership.
The Context in Which the Leader Operates
In elementary schools, the context in which school principals operate is entirely different from other levels of schools. They have to work with young pupils, their parents or guardians, teaching staff, community and policy makers. Coordination of all these parties in the school must be sufficient to achieve the best results.
Expectations of the Leader
Just like any other head of an institution, a leader in an elementary school has several expectations that he is supposed to achieve, which includes duties he should carry out. Jack Morgan is an elementary school principle. Some of the expectations that are required of him include; managing the school staff, pupils, and school activities to maintain a cordial working relationship. He is also required to create, roll out and maintain the required curriculum standards in the school. Parents, the government, and the pupils expect a certain standard to be maintained at the school, which the principles mandate. Jack is also supposed to discipline and counsel the students. This being a learning institution, there are expected cases of indiscipline amongst the students. The principle is supposed to punish these students so as to maintain order in the school.
Jack Morgan is also responsible for evaluating the performance of teachers. Teachers work with a set target which must be met. It is the principles work to evaluate them and make sure that they work according to the laid down rules. Lastly, he is supposed to manage the school's finances to ensure a smooth flow of supplies and salaries for teachers.
Resources he has Control Over
Jack operates with several resources provided by the school. These resources include; financial resource such as money to buy stationery, food and other supplies for the schools. Maintenance and improvement of the school infrastructure also require money to be effectively done.
The teaching staff is another resource that Jack has influence over. He must maintain an eye over the teachers so as to make sure they teach as required. Whenever teachers are not controlled to some extent by the principal, a school would not adequately function.
Lastly, Jack has influence over the school infrastructure. This includes classrooms, halls of residence, laboratories and playing fields which enable him to manage the institution effectively.
Source of Jacks Authority
Every leader operates under a source of authority from a certain body or law. Jacks authority arises from several sources. The first source is the school board. The school board makes all the major decisions of the school. For instance, the board hires and fires employees in the institution, Jack included. Jack was employed by the Schools board thus his authority is bestowed on him by his appointing authority.
The second source of authority is the laws of the state. The laws that are laid down by the Secretary of Education take precedence over internal laws made by the school. These laws empower school principals with authority over the school. This may include the authority to maintain discipline and order in the school.
Critique of the Individual
Jack has proved to be an effective leader in the school due to the various improvements that the school has achieved ...
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