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Creative Writing About All You Need to Know About Image SEO (Article Sample)

All You Need to Know About Image SEO
Most of the times we pay attention to keyword optimization in the text and overlook Image SEO, the truth is, image optimization is as important as keyword optimization. As an SEO Company in Orange County, you can tap in into image search results by ensuring proper image optimization.
If the file is too large this means that it will take more time for the page to load. And, this means that the bounce rate will be high. For instance, if your keywords are SEO Orange County, ensure that you don’t upload large files so as to reduce the bouncing rate.
1 Use high-quality original images
Avoid stock images that are common to almost every website. You can have a stalk image optimized perfectly but since the images are too many on the internet you won’t get the proper rankings you deserve. Instead, use original images that are of high quality. You can have your designer make you an original image or take one using a high-quality camera. Unique and high-quality images if perfectly optimized will help get higher ranking on various search engines.
2 Have a reason for the images
Images should explain a concept or a story. It’s a fact, the image has a greater emotional impact than plain long texts. Don’t force an image into a position it doesn’t belong. So as the image can add value to your text, they need to fit in naturally...
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