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The Dishonesty in the Abortion Debate (Article Sample)


write an article on The Dishonesty in the Abortion Debate


The Dishonesty in the Abortion Debate
Abortion is one of the most controversial discussions in the world today (Baiju, Acharya, Antonio, & Berg, 2019). Based on the legal, spiritual, and health concern of the issue, many people offer differing opinions that tend to bias and self-satisfying. The argument for demands many words while the discussion against abortion does not. The implication of this is the probable hate of the act. Notably, botched abortions cause death.
Consequently, medically approved abortions save a life. This creates the controversy in abortion topic, and the discussion may stand unwinnable. A child in the womb of a mother is a living being, and any attempt to abort it implies killing a life. The abortion topic is sensitive since it entails different stakeholders from the religious and political arena (Selebalo-Bereng & & Patel, 2019). The social implications of abortion affect every person as it deducts the correct placement of the society. Unless medically proven, abortion is unethical and should not be practiced. Religiously, life is sacred, and a human being has no control over it. The political dictations on the abortion topic should be considerate of the moral values and beliefs of the people affected by the process. Therefore, abortion is unethical and should be treated with the utmost sensitivity as it can degrade the moral lifestyle of a society.

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