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Article Summary on Diabetes Health, Medicine, Nursing Article (Article Sample)


summary of an article on Diabetes


Numerous people are dying every day due to type 2 diabetes. For most of the interventions that have been applied to treat the chronic disease have failed in the past, there is still more research that is being carried out to determine the best way to deal with the disease while still reducing the morbidity and mortality rates. Among the interventions that are being used include those that are aimed at glycemic control. This discussion is a summary of an evidence-based article that was recently published. It focuses on the efficacy and tolerability of a specific intervention (exenatide QW treatment) that is aimed at managing the disease. The article is the work of five competent researchers in the field of diabetes. The article investigates the glycemic efficacy as well as the safety of exenatide administered once per week in patients who have type 2 diabetes for seven years.
This evidence-based article documents the study that was carried out to study glycemic efficacy, the impacts on the heart related risk factors as well as the safety of using exenatide once per week among patients who suffered from type 2 diabetes. The investigation was done for 7 years in the first study. The researchers randomized patients to the treatment two times a day for thirty weeks after which the patients received open ended exenatide treatment once a week for seven years. The analysis of results was based on the variations in the records from the baseline of HbA1c as well as cardiovascular risk factors over the seven years upon which glycemic efficacy would be determined.

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