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Smoking and pregnant women Health, Medicine, Nursing Article (Article Sample)


the instruction was to look at the effects of smoking on pregnant women.
The article outlined general effects of smoking on pregnant women


Effects of cigarettes smoking on pregnant woman
What is a cigarette? Does it have any negative impact on the health conditions? What effects does it have on pregnant woman? These are the substantive questions that will better our understanding on this broad concept. Cigarette is a fine tobacco rubbed in a small paper in a cylindrical manner and- has filters at one end. Cigarette smoking is the act of inhaling the fumes of a burning tobacco (Encyclopedia Britannic, 2019).
The fumes contain very dangerous substances such as nicotine which is the main cause of addiction. It is estimated that nearly 1.1 billion people in the world are cigarette smokers (World Health Organization, 2019). This represents about 22% of the total world population. The survey also reveals that, cigarette smoking is killing close to 700 million people per year with many of them being adults. The deaths are as aresult of smoking related diseases such as cancer, lungs diseases and asthma. It becomes more risk especially when expectant mothers take part smoking.

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