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How NP-Led Group Medical Visits Can Influence The Chronic Conditions (Article Sample)


The task involved analyzing a peer-reviewed journal. 
This sample analyzes a nursing journal article on attending to power differentials by providing a summary and evaluating the authors' work.

An Article Review of Attending to power differentials: How NP-led group medical visits can influence the management of chronic conditions Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation An Article Review of Attending to power differentials: How NP-led group medical visits can influence the management of chronic conditions The increasing calls to improve the quality of patient outcome in line with the complexity of managing chronic diseases have resulted in significant clinical recommendations and implementations. Some of the recent measures to improve the management of chronic illnesses amongst admitted patients include the introduction of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and the use of tailored Group Medical Visits (GMVs). Housden, Browne, Wong, and Dawes (2017) conducted a study in Canada to determine the existing barriers and enablers associated with the incorporation of NP-led GMVs as an intervention to enhance the management of chronic diseases. The scholars used three case studies. The experimental group included two scenarios whereby NPs used GMVs regularly during patient management sessions. The other case study was the control group where the NPs used the conventional approach to patient management. Housden et al. (2017) also enhanced the scope of the study by embedding the instrumental cases study with in-depth interview sessions and observations. Therefore, the data that was used for the survey was multidimensional, which aligned with the descriptive analysis that was used for thematic interpretation. The researchers found out that the use of NP-led GMV enhanced the relationship between the patients and the caregivers. An effective relationship between patients with chronic illnesses and the practitioners is essential because it influences the quality of outcomes. Improved relationships contribute to reliable self-management and treatment adherence. In this study, it was also clear that NP-let GMV provided the opportunity for practitioners to understand the life-context characteristics of their patients, which is a knowledge-based practice implication. GMV was also linked to disease awareness among patients. In such a case, the patients from the experimental groups received first-hand information and accounts of their respective conditions, which contributed towards effective symptom management and coping. Housden et al. (2017) argued that relationship shifts witnessed between patients and health care providers created new perceptions among patients, which fostered a patient centered approach to the management of chronic illness. Moreover, the scholars noted how concerns from a section of nurses regarding recognition and inclusion limit the success of healthcare interventions. however, the findings of this study ascertained that the use of NP-led GMV influenced power shift relationship amongst practitioners. During the study, the researchers observed some NP taking up the leadership role thus countering the rooted notion that regards physicians as the sole leader during the...
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